I haven’t had this blog for 1 day yet and I am already encountering some serious problems. First of all, I can’t get off of this website! All I want to do, all night long, is click-click-click…type-type-type. I didn’t realize how needy I am. This is not going to work if I post 5 times a day; that will just bore all of you out of your minds!

I will limit my posts to 2/night while I am working and zero posts while I’m at home (I probably won’t have time to post at home, anyway).
Second, I need to organize myself. I can’t just ramble on and on until I get blisters on my fingers. There should be some kind of format that I follow–limits are good.

But, now that I’m here, I have to say that I am realllly craving some Starbucks right now.


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