**Year of the Dog**

Stephen & I made it a Blockbuster day today. We rented 3 movies: Year of the Dog, Transformers, and Fay Grimm.

**Warning: This is NOT a movie review**

We started off with Year of the Dog and I was SO touched by the 1st half! It stars Molly Shannon and a Beagle dog actor named “Pencil” in the movie.

**Spoiler Alert**

About 1/4 of the way through , the poor dog dies! Now, we have a beagle named Tenoch and that scene just crushed me! I don’t know what’s going to happen when poor Tenoch dies! Lara is going to have to deal with a dead pet. As these thoughts were going through my head, Tenoch came over and nuzzled my arm. Normally, I would have yelled for him to get off and told him to sit somewhere else. He smells funny (even after he just took a bath!), jumps all over everyone, and has no manners. As far as dogs go, he’s about a C+ (The (+) for his beautiful doey eyes). The movie must have touched my cold, cold heart. I kissed him, scratched his ear, and let him sit next to me.

The movie was 30 minutes away from finishing and I was exhausted. It was time for my afternoon nap. I left Lara & Stephen in the living room and snuck off to the bed. 30 minutes later, I felt rejuvenated and ready for movie #2. I was about to get out of bed when Tenoch jumped on the bed with me. We don’t usually let him get on because, we are the pack leaders and would never want him to think he was our equal. But, the movie poisoned my mind! I left him on the bed. A few minutes later, he jumped off. I called Stephen over to bring me my purse (I’m not as lazy as I sound! Graveyard makes me so sleep deprived!). He comes in the room, takes one look at the bed and yells out:

“Tenoch peed on the comforter!”

The dumb Tenoch took a leak right there, right in front of me, as I lay resting in bed…and I didn’t even realize it! Can you believe it?! The comforter is ruined. Dry clean only and there is no amount of chemicals that will take away dog pee smell. I had to wash the comforter cover and the blanket that I had just washed the night before. And when I say pee, I mean PEE. A whole galloon, it seemed!

15 minutes and $135 later, thanks to the magic of the internet, our comforter is replaced and enroute, 5-7 business days away:

That dog has not had a potty accident since he was a puppy. The only explanation?

He felt my vulnerability. The Dog Whisperer is right! Tenoch knew I was weak and he knew I would forgive him at that very moment. He knew how much I loved him and took advantage!

To be used and abused by your own dog!


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