My Town.

Oh Pasadena, how I love thee. Let me count the ways….

  • City Hall:It’s just so beautiful. Especially with the remodel, money well spent.
  • Paseo Colorado/Old Town/South Lake: Even when there was a Plaza Pasadena, there’s nothing like having good shopping in your own city. And, Old Town? It used to be a drug and pimp infested area that was completely run down. Now, it’s a cool hang-out! There are 2 movie theaters within a 1 minute drive!
  • Fancy names for different sections like: Bungalow Heaven, Historic Highlands, Banbury Oaks, Garfield Heights, Hastings Ranch, Linda Vista.
  • Vina Vieja Park: Tenoch loves to terrorize that little park!
  • You don’t have to leave the city to enjoy EVERYTHING that the L.A. area has to offer (except for the beach, and global warming will take care of that in a few million years!)

  • The San Gabriel Mountains: If the air quality is good, a beautiful view from my work window.
  • All of my friends and family live here (except for Susie & Rosana…come back!!!)

The City of Roses- my birthplace, my stomping grounds, home sweet home.


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