I’m in the mood for lists. Sometimes, lists are easier than paragraphs that have to be re-read 10-15 times for accuracy (if you know me, you know I love to proof-read!).

This is what I am SO loving right now:

1. Cupcakes by Rachel: Sorry Steve but, she won the bake-off. She put each of our initials on it!! How do you compete with that? Personalized cupcakes!

The perfect pair.
2. Mauro & Desiree’s Vow Renewal: I have been to a lot of weddings in my day but, this had to be one of the nicest. It was elegant and season appropriate. I just hate it when the Winter bride wants her bridesmaids to wear light pink. The only year-round color is black. You can always bet on black! The food was DELICIOUS. It was at the Kinneloa Estates, a high-end Pasadena gated community that I barely knew existed. We don’t cover it (it might be unincorporated Pasadena). It was so romantic. They’ve been married for 10 years, have 3 beautiful kids, and wanted to have a “white dress” wedding because their 1st was in Vegas. At the end of the ceremony he said, “Marrying her is the best thing I have ever done!”. As my eyes filled with tears, my 1st impulse was to ask Stephen, “Was marrying me the best thing you have ever done?” He gave me the look, the “Wow, how can you possibly make everything about you?!” look, and nodded. Not very convincing, LOL.

Beautiful Centerpieces

The delicious dessert-I had the Red Velvet Cake.

The in-laws (love them!)

That’s Julisa: Her mother’s daughter! šŸ™‚

They took me home.

3. Disneyland & Knott’s Berry Farm. Disneyland is giving all Law Enforcement & Fire personnel a free 3 day Park Hopper to show their appreciation for all of the work we do! Knott’s is free for Law Enforcement/Fire from mid-Nov-Dec. That means there’s going to be a lot of free family fun coming up!

4. Benzie. I was very mad at her because she has a dent on the side (courtesy of Stephen!), had a yogurt stain & about 100 cookie puffs on the ground (courtesy of Babycakes), and has only 2 doors (NOT a family vehicle). That was yesterday. Today, $70 later, she got her insides & outsides cleaned spick & span! I love her again!

5. Family members who work in retail: There’s nothing like a good discount to make the grass look greener and the clouds puffier.


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