Maintaining a blog is a lesson in both self-restraint and self-awareness.

Deciding what is too personal to post and how much is “too much” has caused me more stress than I expected. I’m not a very private person (obviously) and I enjoy spreading my business like peanut butter & jelly. But, I have to consider that my public ranting and raving usually affects my family and friends, almost as much as it affects me. As time goes by, I hope to find the balance between too much and not enough.

In the self-awareness category, I have learned 2 very important things about myself. Number 1: The majority of my daily events revolve around food. I might as well be a food critic. Stephen and I (and I’m sure Lara is getting the hang of it) really enjoy the social and culinary goodness that comes with eating a delicious and satisfying meal while we catch up on life.

Example: The highlight of yesterday’s day was our lunch at Crocodile Cafe. Stephen had a yummie flank steak, Babycakes dined on black beans, while I devoured my Tequila Lime Fettuccini (which was a bit dissapointing compared to the same dish that is served at CPK). Afterwards, we stopped by Williams and Sonoma to get some Thanksgiving ideas. At Starbucks, I ordered a Venti Iced Decaf Peppermint Mocha (I love the holiday season!!). We had a couple slices of pizza at the In-Laws’ House. We topped off the day with homemade Tamales (Stephen’s first attempt at making them. Of course, they were DELICIOUS!) and Chrismas Oreos (They taste like normal Oreos but have red filling and snowman decor). Would I trade my extra 20 (or is it 30?) lbs for a life filled with saltine crackers and water? I wear my 25 (?) lbs proudly.

Realization Number 2: I enjoy writing a lot more than the average person. I should go back to school so that I can get credit for this. I should get paid for this. Note to self: Google “Jobs that involve writing 24 hr/day” for career ideas.

A few recent happenings:

– I missed Heroes last night! It took Stephen and I 2 hours to get through Target (we had a 10% off coupon so, we literally went through every aisle) Can anyone e-mail me and tell me what the heck happened? We got home in time to see DL get shot and Peter Petrelli say that he remembers everything. I wonder if I can purchase the episode on Itunes…

– I am about 75% done with Christmas shopping. I know, it’s sick. I just love the Holiday Season SO much, I drag it out and make it even longer each year. I’m going to organize the “Family” and “Friend” gift exchanges and force them to pick names this week.

– On-line shopping is from the devil. $500 in 1 hour? Not a good thing.

– Backgammon is SO cool! Stephen taught me how to play last night! My goal is to beat him at least 1 time before Friday. I’m such a sore loser and I was pretty distressed when he won both of the sets we played. Google: Backgammon strategies.

– Recommended Reading: Love In the Time of Cholera. The movie comes out this Friday. Please, try to read the book before you see the movie. It is SO much more fulfilling!

Here is a picture of what married folk do when their Babycakes goes to bed early:


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