My last post for the weekend…I think.

Yes, this is me. I had to scan a copy of a baby pic for a section meeting we had Saturday morning. I had Stephen pick out the best one. He picked this one. Yes, the one with the fabulous brown sofa. Where I’m sitting in some sort of sleigh. I look like a snow baby. What I don’t look like is my daughter. Sucks, huh? Maybe our boy will have some sort of resemblance.

Anyway, our retreat was pretty bunk (circa 1988–good descriptive word). There are 1001 problems in our section. What does our administrator want us to focus on? We are wasting our problem-solving minds on outside issues. How can you change the world if your home is broken? That’s like building on a weak foundation.

The highlight of the meeting was supposed to be free lunch. It was gross. On a high note, I got 4 free hours on the books for the amount of training I do. Yeah!


Here goes a pic of lil‘ Lara exactly 1 year ago. There are 2 interesting things in this picture:

1. She’s

ย crying. She never ever used to cry. She fussed about 2% of her first 6 months of life (thank God). I also love those Gerber jammies she has on, one of my all time favorites.

2. She’s giving us the bird. Enough said.

Steve and I spent Friday in Old Town. Good times. We had Julia with us and spent the day experiencing what it would be like to have twins. Not bad! We took turns with them, kept them entertained, and they were both on their best behavior. Julia–thank you for spending your day with us and having a late lunch/early dinner at Barney’s. We enjoyed your company. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lara, please take your fingers out of your mouth! You’re going to stretch it out! LOL.

Plans for my days off:

-Love in the Time of Cholera Sunday night at Paseo. We will probably leave Lara w/ the in-laws. Date night! We will probably have a very late night and get home by 2000. ๐Ÿ™‚

-I work Monday 0800-1200. Boo.

-Hopefully, we make it to story time on Tuesday.

– We are going to celebrate Thanksgiving on Wednesday.

We are going to have a HUGE feast, just the 3 of us. Steve will probably cook, of course. We will be celebrating at Steve’s Nino’s house on Thursday. But, I am going to have to leave early because I work dumb hours that no normal person would agree to. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The highlight of this week will be seeing Lara in the cute little jumper we got her for the holiday. She will be wearing it with little ruby red slippers. I am going to teach her to sing “PO-puuular“. You’ve all seen Wicked, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

– I have Friday off! OMG, I can’t even believe it. We will spend the day making the house look as though the tornado of Christmas passed through it. Stephen has vowed to use his Martha Stewart skills and hook the house up. I just got chills thinking about it. We will probably wrap all of the presents we already purchased, too. We bought some BOMB wrapping paper from Paper Source. We also bought come $1 rolls from Target. I wish I had a picture.

– Since I don’t start work on Saturday until 1930, I want to go to Knott’s on Saturday morning. I don’t know if you guys are aware but, Stephen is the real Charlie Brown. And, I am Lucy. I am mean to him because I love him… LOL.

-I bought my planner for 2008. SO exciting. I filled out all the important dates and will be adding stickers to the pages today.

-We picked names for the Secret Santa at work. I am SO excited with the person I got! Thank you, Baby Jesus, for giving me : _____________. I like this person. ๐Ÿ™‚

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