Post #1 of the night…

I was all pumped up to get to work, sit down, and start blogging away about Thanksgiving and my fun-filled week. But, I left my thumb drive at work and couldn’t bring in my pictures from the week. I think it’s much more interesting to have photos attached for all of you visual learners out there. I am going to have to save my weekday run-down until after 0400am when I go home for lunch, export my pics, and come back to work and spend the rest of my shift answering 911, blogging, and drinking coffee. Yeah. I am sad to be here, I miss my family and I wish I was enjoying the turkey and smashed potato afterglow while flipping through the “Black Friday” door-buster deals. But, c’est la vie, and getting paid $50/hr is pretty nice.

I made the following comic on our fabulous MAC. I forgot we had this program. The novelty wore off when we bought it a year ago and I pretty much use Safari/Mail/Iphoto/Itunes only. I was prompted to get a free Comic Life upgrade and I said… Comic Life? Something new to play with!

This strip I made depicts Lara’s change in personality. She is beginning to get the “Only Child Syndrome”. You know, when she acts all jazzy and bossy with her authoritative figures (Mommy & Daddy). I guess you could say she is “advanced”. The terrible twos at 14 months!!

I still love her, though. As Reba would say “She gets that from me……”. LOL.

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