#3 Thanksgiving

This is my Thanksgiving:
This is Lara all bundled up, again, for breakfast at IHOP. It was already 1000 and there was still fog. We sat next to a weird couple that was having their 1st date there. Unfortunately, they were speaking so loud that we were forced to hear them tell each other their life stories. Blah. My swedish pancakes were good.

We just arrived at Stephen’s Uncle’s house. Great family pic, huh? I love the way Lara’s hair is growing out. What a bob!

Sandra and her kids. They all have such beautiful smiles! Sandra- thanks for approving this picture for the blog! And, thanks for putting me on blast and warning everyone that the pictures I take end up on the internet. j/k

The Browns: I love them. It is Stephen’s cousin, her husband, and their 2 cute kitties. They are both hearing-impaired. I made a commitment to myself to learn at least 10 signs before Christmas so that I can communicate with them. They can both read lips but, it would be so cool if I whipped out some signs next time I see them.

The in-laws. Still in love after 3 kids and 5 grandkids. Role-models.

Love these girls.

Nana & Lara. Waiting for the turkey & ham to come out.

The nerve! While I was calling Susie to hurry up and get there, Stephen took this picture. He took one look at it and said, “I make you look good”. Excuse me, this is what I look like! Your beginner photography skills can not beat my natural photogenic quality. LOL.

1st in line, like always.

The Castros. Look at Julia’s tights. Hot.

Susie’s Famous Ham- Worth the wait.

She can eat her weight in ham and not gain a pound. That’s my friend!

She hugged him without us telling her to. She loves him. She is wearing a sweater with dog ears.

These next 3 are LOL. I told her we would be having a photo shoot on the bed. She starts doing these funny poses and cheering herself on by clapping. The last one is the funniest. I don’t know where she learned these poses from. She does not watch tv and Mommy is not flexible, at all. She is a natural born gymnast and/or ballerina.

It was a great day. Unfortunately, we left early so that I could change for work. Work was uneventful. I got to go on a ride along and LOL with one of my fav coppers. I looked through the ads and mapped out which stores we would check out today. I am also next up to choose what shifts I will be working next year. I’ll leave that decision for tomorrow night’s post…

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night!!!


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