I have to apologize for the last post. It was so desperate. I will not harass all you poor folk for comments. It was a phase and I’m over it.

My Christmas shopping is done! I am soooo excited and happy! I finished wrapping all of the gifts I bought so far. I am also anxiously waiting for Mr. UPS or Mr. Fed Ex (and sometimes for good old Mr. USPS) to deliver all of my online orders. The saddest part is, as much as I want to, I can’t share all the beautiful things I bought with YOU. Because, YOU might find out what I bought YOU! YOU might be reading and YOU have to wait until Christmas to check out your beautiful gifts. 🙂

Actually, I can blog about what we are buying little Lara! OMG! Yeah! We are buying her a few things as a team. We are also going to buy her a few things as individuals to surprise ourselves (because she is only 14 months and this little exchange is for our own enjoyment). Here go the team gifts! YEAH!!

So she can learn how to tell time! 🙂

So she can sit in the living room with us and drink tea and biscotti.

I only had 2 days off this week and this is how I spent them:

Monday: We went to Hooter’s for lunch, After we dropped Stephen back off at work it was time for: Shopping! I went to Old Town and finished some of my Christmas shopping. Stephen was at work so, it was only me and Lara. I can’t tell you where I went (aaarrgghh!) but, I did stop by Boba World for some delicious milky tea w/ boba. Yummie. Also, I got HORRIBLE service at The Container Store and had to get SHATANGY… (Anyone watch Project Runaway???). I ended up having to speak to the manager. She was GREAT and I hope she fires that mean girl that thought she could treat me as if she was doing me a favor by doing her job.

Tuesday: Our escrow $$$ finally came through! It took forever but, we are finally debt free and officially home owners. I don’t feel any different. It’s just kind of exciting that the house is our property. Maybe I should write on the wall with crayons. Or, start knocking the walls down, just to get the full satisfaction of knowing that I am destroying something that is mine. I also went to my bestest friend Rosana’s house and enjoyed the evening with the bestest friends any girl could ask for. We picked the names for our gift exchange! 8 years later, Rosana, Susana, Jackie & I, still get so excited when picking names! I can’t wait to shower my dear friend with gifts! I also got to check on little baby Isaiah. He is gorgeous, growing up so fast. I volunteered to change his diaper! Yeah! I can’t wait to have another. Here goes an old pic of us. Susie and I are pregnant! Wow!

My last little comment is just to let you know what you already know, I loooove Christmas! Forget about the gifts and trimmings. This is the month the everyone remembers about sweet baby Jesus. We should have him in our minds at all times but, this month, he is everywhere! In the manger, with Mary & Joseph, the 3 wise men, shepard, 1 sheep, 1 deer, 1 donkey, 1 camel (I just described Lara’s nativity set). He was born a little baby, just like the rest of us. But, he is not like the rest of us. He is the Son of God who died on the cross for you and me. I will think about that when I order my Peppermint White Mocha for the 2nd time today (sick, I know). I will think about Baby Jesus and everything he turned out to be for all mankind. Note to self: Must re-read Luke 2 and cry.


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