I don’t like having to think up titles.

One year ago today, Lara was taking a little nap in her baby Papasan. She would sleep peacefully anywhere we would put her down. It was already getting cold so, we would put little caps on her. Look at her cheeks! Love her.

Jump to 3 hours ago. I get home and find her asleep in one of the funniest positions! She was sitting down and laying across her Winnie. She looked so comfy! If I move her from that position, she gets angry and re-settles herself in the same spot. She is a wild sleeper like her teen dad.

I choose my new schedule for work and I am so excited! Beginning in February I will be working: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 1930-0600. I am not looking forward to working 4/10 but, I am SO excited about having weekends off! I have not had a weekday shift in 5 years. I am going to miss Lara weekday mornings when she’s with my mom. 😦 August 2008, I go back to the shift I have now: Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 1930-0800 every other Sunday: 1930-0400. I like this shift and it works out really well with Lara. She never has to go to a sitter this way. 🙂 There was no way I could pick a day shift. I am not a morning person. I would get written up daily for being late.

A few wonderful holiday things:

Stephen’s turtle ornament. I gave it to him about 6 years ago. He is beautiful.

Our 1st Christmas card! Thank you to Mr & Mrs McDonald.

‘And the stockings were hung, on the frames with care…’ Temporary spot only.

Tenoch had an accident. He doesn’t like to pee in the rain. Instead, he peed on Lara’s carpet.

Gaby got me in the mood for lists. I love them. Here goes:

1. I eat popcorn with butter, mustard, and jalapeno juice (not actual jalapenos, though. Too spicy).

2. I can not stand secrets or surprises. I have to know everything. I will do whatever it takes to find something out. And, once I find out, I usually shout it from the roof tops.

3. I love Georgia font. And, pink highlighters. And sharpees.

4. I send greeting cards for every single holiday possible. If I have not sent you one, send me your address.

5. I write a different “To Do” list everyday. There are at least 2 lists in my purse right now.

I just finished having a long heart to heart with Rachel and Lara. Thanks for making the last few hours at work fly by. Love you guys. OMG, too mushy for 0730 in the morning!!!


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