Today was one of those days that make me love the shift I work. I get a minimal amount of sleep but, I enjoy the day as if I did not work nights. Sleep deprivation is a small price to pay for a nice day with Stephen and Lara. I’m sure I’ll regret neglecting my body’s need to rest when I’m older. I’ll probably have grey hair, crow’s feet, and ulcers at age 30.

I got home at 0800. I was up for about 1 hour, talking (nursing) to Lara and making Stephen get out of bed to take Tenoch to Petsmart to get groomed. He needed it. He was beginning to smell like rotten Turkey.

I slept until 1300. I woke up because I heard Stephen & Lara start getting their luggage (baby bag) to leave. I sprung out of bed and asked where they were going. They were going to the mall while I slept and would be back to take me out for dinner before I left for work at 1930.

I should have gone back to sleep. 4 hours is not enough. But, my daughter was wearing the cutest brown dress with her boots. Stephen looked like such a hot teen dad. I had to go.

I threw some jeans on, and we were off!

We went to Old Town and ate at Noodle World. YUMMIE. Susie got me hooked on some Pad See Ew. Give it a try. I also had some milky tea boba.

Stephen tried some chicken dish that the waitress recommended. 2 thumbs down. He said it tasted like aromatherapy. LOL.

Stephen picked up some CB&TL (of course!) and we went to pick Tenoch up from the groomer’s. He looked so cute and smelled so good! That oatmeal soap is delicious!!! I hugged and kissed him 100 times. So did Lara.

Lara and I napped from 1600-1800 while SFP went to the mall (to shop for me, I hope). He got home, I got ready for work, and here I am.

OMG, the picture is making me hungry!!! Better post later…


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