Twas’ The Weekend Before Christmas…


Stephen was off…YEAH! I was supposed to spend the day sleeping but, I could not resist the chance to go out on the town with Stephen & Lara (they’ll be the end of me!). We went to Porto’s for lunch then, the Glendale Galleria for some last minute shopping. Stephen had to buy 1 more thing for his “Family Secret Santa” gift. Lara was enjoying the trip with her new toy. Friend Ale bought her a Lily Leap Frog Doll. She sings in Ingles y Espanol so, Lara should be bilingual in a few weeks (we wish!). Thanks, Friend! I also bought myself a Christmas dress (black, of course. Takes 5 lbs off, I swear!) and a jacket. It was free dress Friday so, I pretty much went from the mall to work. I was exhausted. The night dragged. That’s not the worst of it. At 0730, right before my shift was over, I got the runs (*TMI*) and threw up at work.

–I am a throw up pro. When I was pregnant, I had “morning sickness” all day, every day, for the duration of my pregnancy. I threw up all of the time and for no particular reason. The worst was when I would throw up in the shower. There were times when I couldn’t make it to the bathroom from our bedroom so, I was forced to do it on the front porch (Stephen: I will be forever grateful for all of the times you cleaned my throw up. I love you)–


I took Saturday night off because my Mother-In-Law (and party planner extraordinaire), Julie, was throwing a Christmas Party. I was supposed to spend Saturday morning:

1. Taking care of my daughter while my husband baked 100 different desserts and tamales.

2. Getting my eyebrows waxed (2 months overdue).

3. Baking my specialty: Banana Bread & Pumpkin Bread (courtesy of Trader Joe’s boxed loaf mix)

4. Looking into getting a haircut/dying my hair/anything to update my look.

I did none of those things. I spent the day in bed. Sleeping, throwing up, and running to the bathroom while the runs ran after me. Not fun. We were 3 hours late to the Christmas Party. It ended 2 hours after we got there. Everyone was waiting for us and it was SO embarassing to be late. Sorry, guys. I threw up again after the party. And, NO, I am not pregnant (tear), I took a test this morning and the result was a sad negative.

What a wasted day off! In that case, I could have called in sick instead use my vacation time to fall apart. We got home at around 0000.


We had to be out of the house because the cleaning lady was coming. We went to church and sat threw the Christmas play. Afterwards, we went to Lupita’s for lunch. We went to the mall (this time the Arcadia mall), again, and bought a few more things. I rushed home to change into my uniform and now I’m hear until 0600!

About the cleaning lady…

$100. Our house was a disaster and we needed serious help. As much as it hurt my tight pocket, time constraints have forced me to hire a cleaning lady. She left the house looking sparkly clean. One problem. She broke something. And, she didn’t tell us about it! She just left it there, broken, as if she didn’t know anything about it! Here goes a picture of the damage:

To you, it may seem like just a wise man. To us, it is the nativity scene we bought on our honeymoon in Playa del Carmen. It has sentimental value! The question of the week:


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