It is the night after Christmas and I am at work. I was forced to come in (sad) from 2300-0730. I don’t mind too much because I am still wired from Christmas. There was so much stuff going on! So many gifts! Lara got sick (throw up and diarrhea, like I had) so, some of the holiday was a little sad. She is a lot better now and recuperating. I can not even begin to list all of the wonderful things I got. The Parra Family gift exchange (*Thank you Julie!*), my yearly “Friend” gift exchange (*Thank you Jackie!*). Very exciting this year were all of the wonderful gifts given to Lara. I enjoyed them SO much. The only one I am going to go into detail about right now is the gifts from my husband.

He is a very thoughtful and caring gift giver. From the wrapping paper to the card to the gift itself, every detail is planned and executed like a masterpiece! It makes it so much fun! The only drawback is that the gifts I give to him don’t come close to measuring up. He loves them and enjoys them but, they are not half as inventive and thoughtful as Stephen’s gifts.
Here goes:

This is the 1st gift I received and I nearly fell off of the sofa. This was 1 of my stocking stuffers. I love Burberry! It is soft, warm, and beautiful. It will also match perfectly with my jazzy Burberry Purse (an SFP Valentine’s Day gift).

Beautiful knee high argyle (and solid gray) socks!!! The best thing is that I bought him Lacoste argyle socks and Lara argyle legwarmers as stocking stuffers. Great minds think alike!

Stephen and Lara bought me this beautiful charm (the green one) when I ditched them for Space Mountain in Disneyland. Very cute. I love Tinkerbell. And I love that Stephen keeps adding to my collection. 🙂

My final gift. Not in my stocking but, under the tree. It was wrapped with red wrapping paper and beautiful holly garland. I loved it. It is a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress! For those of you who do not know who she is, click here. She is the creator of the wrap dress and has been making these gorgeous dress since the 70s. Normally, I would hesitate to buy a dress like this because:

#1: It is too much$$$ for 1 item of clothing.

#2: I’m a bit round so, it kills me to buy something so expensive that would look so much better if it were a size 0.

#3: What if I finally decide to hit the gym and lose 30 pounds? This fancy dress will no longer fit me! Highly unlikely, i know.

Fortunately for me, Stephen disagrees with my shopping philosophy and went for it. I am glad. He also bought me underwear, trivia cards (because I love trivia!), and lip gloss (which I love almost as much as trivia).

I have no energy to go into detail (with pictures, captions, etc) on his gift from me. Here goes the synopsis: IPod Touch, wooden spatulas w/ his name etched in, Project Runway Season 3 (we started wathing it last night!), previously mentioned socks, teeth whitener, Rubik’s Cube, tie, tie caddy, 50 itunes songs, face mask. I think that’s it. We both agree, though, the the following is the BEST gift we could ever ask for…


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