Here is what I’m into right now:

Vitamin Water: All of the flavors are SO delicious. It has the same crisp and fresh water feeling with a splash of flavor. It’s perfect for someone who wants to add a kick to her beverage of choice- H2O. They also have all kinds of vitamins in them but, who cares about that. Flavors to try: Revive (fruit punch), Energy (tropical citrus), Muli-V (lemonade).

Parent Magazine’s Young-at-Art toy: Lara loves it! She is constantly drawing on it. She already figured out how to use the stamps and the ladybug eraser lever. The cutest thing? I have been trying to teach her how to spell her name. So, I write it out and ask her, “Lara, how do you spell your name?”. She gives me a very accomplished smile and answers, “A-A-R-A!!!”. We are 1 letter away from pure genius! Thank you, Parents Magazine, for allowing Lara to be creative without the mess & destruction that is the crayon (sorry, Crayola)!

Non-toxic crayons: Thankfully, Lara has not gotten the urge to put a crayon in her mouth (yet). Tenoch, on the other hand, has realized that it’s the next best thing to table scraps. He ate 3 crayons today. Stand by for updates, I’m sure we will be seeing technicolor poop at any moment. After a quick Google check, crayons should not be a big deal for our beagle’s tummy. Click here if you don’t believe me.

The weather: Rain means a few things in my life. A slow work week with fewer criminals committing crimes (apparently, umbrellas would be to conspicuous to carry around when trying to rob, burglarize, and assault). A deep, sound sleep for me- the rain rocks me like a baby. Big laughs when the dog runs out as fast as he can to do his business; the rain scares him. LOL. I get to wear my rain boots! Even better? Susie bought Lara rain boots for Christmas! YEAH! Rain boot twins!

Lara’s toddler Uggs: They match with everything. They keep her beautiful toes warm. And, they’re hot. I wish her feet would be a size 5 forever (because Mommy & Daddy can not afford another pair of these. Seriously!). Maybe I’ll sign up for extra OT so I won’t feel guilty about buying another pair. 😉

Homemade Ear-Infection remedies: Stephen had a horrible ear infection on Wednesday. Doctors no longer prescribe antibiotics as frequently as they used to for ailments that our body can fight off on their own (with time). So, Stephen did the next best thing- he asked his mom what the homemade “recipe” is to heal a nasty earache. Per her instructions, he dropped some warm oil into his ear, sealed it with a cotton swab, and slept on it. The next day, he felt a lot better. I guess the oil helped to unclog his middle air and let the fluid come out from behind the eardrum.

Sweat Scoop Kitty Litter: I hate changing the kitty litter. It has been awhile since I had to do it (this is one of Stephen’s Official House duties, along with taking the trash out and unclogging the toilet). I usually blame the negative effects of Toxoplasmosis on unborn children and I get away from having to clean it out. But, Stephen was a bit under the weather this week and I was forced to take the job. This litter is amazing! It made me want to change the kitty litter! Ramona loves it, too.

Sudoku: I just downloaded a Sudoku widget onto my iMac dashboard. I love it. A new vice to add to my long list (Blogger, Myspace, etc….).

Writing out thank you cards: I am almost done writing out my Thank You cards for all of the fabulous gifts my family and I received. It is so much fun! Especially, getting to practice my penmanship. If you notice, no one writes anymore. It’s so sad. Type, type, type- that’s all that’s left. Sometimes, I think I should be teaching Lara the QWERTY alphabet instead of the regular one!

Planning for 2008: So many wonderful things coming up! To name a few January highlights- Lara’s 15 month Dr’s check up (along with her MMR shot-*sad*), the Golden Globes, The Stinking Rose/The Color Purple, Ale’s Birthday, 2008 I.N.S. reunion, LOST season premiere, a positive pregnancy test (we wish!). Good times!

***Editor’s Note: On December 31, I posted a blog that I was not too proud of. I have since deleted it. It was an angry blog and I was to quick to click the PUBLISH POST button. Only a few people read it and after re-reading it myself, I decided I was not really as angry as I sounded. I promise to give myself a 15 minute cooling off period before publishing another angry post***


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