Friday was a perfect rainy day. We all stayed in our jammies all day, watched movies, and had Grandview Palace delivered to our door (Lo Mein Noodles, Garlic Shrimp, and Egg Drop Soup). I slept a lot, watched my hubby and daughter laugh together, and watched a movie (Eastern Promises: 8/10 stars. Viggo Mortensen is awesome! A little gritty and with a very satisfying ending). Lara’s newest thing: taking her magnetic alphabet off of the fridge and putting it in top of the cat. I don’t know why. Stephen thinks she’s putting her 2 favorite things together: the alphabet and the cat.

Work Issues: There’s a trainee at work who rubbed me the wrong way tonight. She is not even half-way ready to be on her own and she had the nerve to try and correct me/help me out today. First of all, I rarely mess up. I’m not being cocky, I just know how to do my job and do it well. Second, if you’re going to correct me- you better be right! She wasn’t. And, third, she barely knows me! Why does she think she can just shout out corrections at me as if she wasn’t still a trainee! It kills me. There was another incident that I just can’t get into because it makes my blood pressure rise. I just hope she gets her act together so that she can make it here- we need the people. But, people drop like flies in here so I won’t be holding my breathe!
Enjoy a video of my darling daughter being….darling! Oh, and my husband looking cute. šŸ™‚


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