I like scrambled eggs with A-1 sauce. Trust me, it’s good. Over-easy eggs make me want to throw up. Unless, my mom makes them and I eat them with salsa and/or beans. Omelets make me want to throw up, too. I have to have juice to drink immediately after I eat an omelet or else I will vomit. Milk can not substitute for juice. Milk after eggs will definitely make me throw up. My mom used to feed me egg yolk for breakfast. Egg yolk served directly from an over-easy egg. Nothing else. Just egg yolk. Correction, she would put a little salt on it. I think she thought it was good for me. I like the white part of a hard boiled egg. I can eat it “as is”. I don’t need to drink juice after I eat it. But, I can not eat the yellow part of a hard-boiled egg. Unless, it’s covered with ranch dressing (like in a salad). I have never dyed (thanks, Christina!) eggs for Easter. Easter wasn’t a “thing” in my house. I got my 1st Easter basket ever from Stephen a few years ago. It was so romantic. He bought me a game boy game, a stuffed animal, a CD. A few other things I can’t remember. The 1st time we gave Lara egg a few months ago, she got a few hives around her mouth. I almost thought she was going to be allergic to them (which is odd because Stephen & I are not allergic to anything). That reaction stopped about 3-4 weeks after. Now, she loves eggs. I love to crack eggs for recipes. I also like to separate egg yolks from egg whites. I could go on, really. It’s pretty incredible how many things in my life are associated to something as simple as eggs.

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