Lara’s 15-month Dr’s visit

On Monday, we took our little Lara to her 15 month check up. This is a very exciting day for us because we get to see her growth and progress in a tangible way. It is not very exciting for her because she is usually due a vaccine or two. ;(

Here are her stats:

Weight: 21 lbs 8.5 oz- She is only in the 35th percentile. The Dr thinks it may be because she was sick a few weeks ago and lost weight that week she was throwing up/diarreah/etc.
Length: 32 1/4″- 90-95th percentile. Dr. Yim said that Lara was going to be “long & lean”. I can’t believe she’s so tall! I’m only 5’4″, Stephen’s 5’9″. She got some cool tall genes from somewhere!
Head Circumference: 46 1/4 cm60th percentile. Her head’s pretty big, huh? 🙂 She gets that from me…

We told Dr Yim about all of Lara’s eating, sleeping, talking, playing, etc. We also discussed the fact that Lara is yet to take her 1st independent step. We had Lara walk while holding our hand so that the Dr could make sure there wasn’t anything physically wrong with her. She said that everything looked fine and that her being slow to walk seemed to be a personality issue. Lara is cautious and is taking her time to walk until she is sure she can master it. Also, since Lara is very verbally advanced (more than 25 words already! Wow!), she is probably focusing all of her brain power on talking and is putting walking aside, for now.

Then, it was vaccine time. Fortunately for Lara, they were all out of the MMR shot so, she will be getting that on her 18 month visit. She received 2 shots, DTaP (diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis) and chicken pox. She cried a bit and was back to her cheery self when Daddy picked her up. She was also intrigued by the 2 stickers/band-aids on her leg.

It’s so incredible how quickly she is growing and how wonderful everything has been. Here goes a pic of little Lara 1 year ago. I swear, it seems like just yesterday…


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