Color Me Mine

I was having one of my late night talks with Alesandra at work last night and Valentine’s Day came up. She asked me if I’d ever been to Color Me Mine. I have! And, I loved it! Now, I do not have an artistic bone in my body. I can not draw and even my stick figures are a disgrace. Stephen and I went about 5 years ago. We were not married yet and we were doing the cutesy Valentine’s Day thing. I loooved it. I was under the impression that he, too, had limited artistic ability. Wrong. The creation I made for him (a soap dish that we now use to hold our kitchen sponge) looked like a rejected pre-K project compared to the beautiful flower dish (that I still use to put my daily jewelry in) that he made for me. Compare:
aerial view of both masterpieces (on our lovely pottery barn bench):
the bottom of his soap dish. just a reminder… 🙂
look at that beauty! the texture and the color is so nice. and, the “D”? love his penmanship.

the bottom.

Makes me want to go again this year. Maybe.

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