Sleepy Weather

My little Lara: I love when she tucks her hand under her cheek!
I had Thursday & Friday off and had a great time with my hubby & baby girl. Before I dealve into that, I wanted to thank my Hubby for being so supportive. It’s the little things that count, Hot Dog, they build up.
Example #1: I sent Stephen an e-mail asking if he thought I should go to school in the Spring. That would mean that 2 times a week, I would get off of work at 0600, then go to school from 0700-0915. Torture but, I know I will love it. He writes back:
Yes. I support you (emotionally not financially –you support me financially) =)
How cute is that? And, Steve, it’s only $1.89 base. It just seems like a lot because I get extra $$$ for shift pay and I work 5,000 OT hours a week.
Example #2: I was as sick as a dog Thursday night. My head was throbbing, my throat stung, and my whole body ached. I couldn’t sleep and finally dozed off from 0530-0900 when I took an Advil. Anyway, the next day, Stephen tucked me in, made me Ambrosia Tea w/ milk, and nursed me back to semi-good health. Thanks!
Example #3: Saturday, I had a fun-filled day planned out. I made it until 1300. At around that time, I lay down and knocked out until 1730. I wasted the day and even missed going to a friend’s wedding reception. Not good. 😦 Did Stephen get mad and complain? Nope. He played with Lara, got her to nap without nursing (amazingly), made bunuelos (Mexican sweet crunchy tostadas) and started making pan dulce. I woke up, he smiled at me, and asked what I wanted to do with the rest of the evening (2 hrs: wash my uniform, take my mother-in-law Lara’s Valentine picture, eat McDonalds, watch Jeopardy). I love you so much.
Here are the week’s highlights:
LOST is Back
Watched it on Thursday night with my husband. It did not dissapoint. Now, if only Heroes would return…
Valentine’s Pictures with Lara
We went to the Picture People on Friday morning and had a great photo session. The pictures came out GREAT. Usually, we don’t spend more than $30 when we go there. It’s tempting to go overboard but, we’re pretty good at self-restraint when it comes to pics. The point of giving you history is that, we spent $127! It was worth it, though.

This one is Stephen’s favorite. She looks like she’s in kitty garden! 🙂

This my favorite. I love those eyes and the rosy cheeks! I love her rosy disposition!

She looks like a doll here! She has my exact hairline. Funny.


I loved it. I cried a lot, mostly bittersweet tears. I especially loved Juno’s parents, they were so supportive! I hope I can be there for Lara, no matter what she gets herself into! I don’t want to be a judgemental parent- that has to be the worst.


I finally cut my hair! 12 inches! I am very pleased with the end result and it’s a lot less maintenance than my Rapunzel look. I also got a few highlights. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take a pic of it to show it off to all of you. Either way, it is now 10x less cute than it was when Vicki the Hairdresser styled it. I did have time to take a picture of my hair piece before I sent it off to Locks of Love where it will be turned into 2 wigs. 🙂 Without thinking, I placed it on a pillow for its portrait. Stephen thinks it looks like a an offering, LOL.

My hair piece.

One of my favorite pics of thise month:

***Diana, Lara and Julia***


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