I’m in training this week Mon-Thu 0800-1700. What does that mean:

1. I won’t be able to blog unless I blog from home (which sucks because I had a lovely weekend with a lot to share).

2. I have to wake up at 0530 (because I’m going to the gym). ridiculous.

3. Lara is going to be in the care of Abuelita from 0730-1730. OMG, sucks. She has never been with a sitter for that long. You know I’m going to be there at lunch.

4. I get Starbucks every morning like real 9 to 5 workers! Except for today because I woke up late.

5. Tenoch has to be home alone all day!

Anyway, we will see how it goes. I know that most people work the kind of shift that I’ll be working this week but, it seems really hard and tiring. I know, I know, most of you probably think that Mon-Thu 2000-0600 is ridiculous. Trust me, once you work graveyard— you can’t go back!




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