Jury Duty Update***

So, things are looking good!
I arrived in Downtown L.A., Ipod in hand, ready for my wonderful day of juror fun. I loved the commute and truly enjoyed the people watching as I walked the 6 blocks from the parking lot of the Disney Concert Hall (gorgeous) and the Dorothy Whatshername Courthouse. My Ipod was on shuffle and Fleetwood Mac walked me down the street. Honestly, I almost want to look for a job downtown! So much going on! People walking, taking buses, getting off of buses. Even the transients are amusing. I saw a lady transient shave her face while standing on the corner–that’s a great way to start your morning! Anyway, by the time I got though LASD’s security check and up the elevator, I couldn’t wait to watch some LOST (I finally got Itunes to work–YEAH!).
As I’m walking towards the jury room, I see a familiar face. It’s (bare with me), Stephen’s mom’s cousin’s wife: Valerie. Small world! I spent the rest of the morning talking to her and enjoying her company! That means I didn’t:

Listen to music.
Watch Lost or The Tudors (Episode 1).
But, it’s ok. I had a good time anyway. She has a son (Stephen’s second cousin?) that is my age and who has a daughter that’s Lara’s age (3rd cousin?). It was fun to swap toddler tales. It kind of amazed me that I was able to talk to her for hours on end, I can even see myself becoming her BFF. I find that weird because she’s in her 50s and, somehow, we were still able to relate to each other. It was kind of nice. πŸ™‚

So, I wasn’t being called onto a jury. Just when I lost all hope, they made an announcement:

We are about to call out a panel for a trial that will last between 30-60 days. Will the following people please report to the hallway”
My name was called! Excellent! I was expecting to get ushered away into a courtroom to start the selection process (which I was a little bit worried about because the words Police Dispatcher sometimes scare attorneys). Instead, we were told to go home and return on Monday morning for the selection process.

To be continued….
P.S. I finally watched LOST-Meet Kevin Johnson. It was fantastic. Stephen’s Ipod touch is fantastic. I think I might steal it. I also watched The Tudors. A little boring. Some very racy scenes. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is hot. Must keep watching…. πŸ™‚

ALSO! How could I forget? Happy Birthday, Abuelita Dolores! She turned 81 years young today. She’s a feisty one…I mean, at least she’s alert enough to know my work phone number by heart! πŸ™‚

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