Noah’s Ark

We went to the Skirball Cultural Center Noah’s Ark exhibit on Saturday.  It was a lot of fun!  Lara was walking around like a mad-woman.  Usually, when we are in public places and let her roam free, she looks around every so often to make sure one of us is nearby.  Not at Noah’s Ark.  Next thing we knew, she would be running to the next room while Stephen and I were fighting with toddlers over who got to play with what.  Fun!  It was $10/adult (Lara was free because she’s under 2!).  Afterwards, we were driving back home and decided to stop in Encino.  We remembered there being a lot of restaurants on Ventura when we took our Psych tests for work.  We weren’t as hungry as we should have been (we ate Porto’s at 2, it was already 6!) so, we shared an appetizer platter at Chili’s.  Blah.  Now I know why we’d never been there.  We went to my Mother In Law’s house afterwards to check on Papa (Stephen’s grandpa) who is here on vacation from Reno.  I should be getting ready for church now.  Have a great Sunday!


So, blogger is only letting me post these photos.  Dumb!  I’ll try again later…

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