Happy Birthday to you…

My handsome husband turned 28 on Saturday. That’s right, he has known me for 16 years…the lucky duck! We took the family out to eat at Maria’s Kitchen. Afterwards, we went over to our house and served our guests Pastries By Nancy Lemon Raspberry cake and Dots Strawberry Shortcake mini-cupcakes with Starbucks decaf coffee. It was well worth spending the day before cleaning. πŸ™‚

Afterwards, we were going over his loot (read: gifts)…wow. These people must like him! It feels like he won the lottery! Gifts, gift cards, and cash with a total of about $800!! The big ticket item: a $600 gold chain that his grandfather bought for him! What?! It’s a pimp chain and there’s no way he can wear it while maintaining a straight face. But, Papa (as we call him) was kind enough to include a receipt in the box. He paid cash. So, when Papa is back en route to Reno, NV, Stephen and I will be driving to JC Penney’s.

Anyway, he has bought a lot of cool clothes and 2 pairs of shoes. He bought work clothes and he’s enjoying the cool jeans and cardigan I bought him.
What’s he going to do with the $600 cash? Good question! A few things he’s thrown out there:

Espresso machine…Iphone…Kitchenaid mixer…Apple Time capsule…Laptop.

I wonder what he’s going to choose!!! My suggestion:

P.S. Stephen, it was fun celebrating you this weekend. I wish everyday was your birthday so that I could spend the year letting you know how important you are in our lives and how much we appreciate you. I have the best husband I could have ever asked for. Lara has the most wonderful Daddy in the whole wide world. Thank you for giving so much of yourself everyday so that your family is happy and complete—-we love you more than you will ever be able to understand.
I took LOTS of pictures of the weekend but, I am too lazy to transfer them to my computer then, transfer them to my Hello Kitty thumb drive then, transfer them to blogger.com. So, that’s that. I will try to post “Weekend Photos” post tomorrow. πŸ™‚
On a side note, the Volkswagen has been acting up and Benzie has been doing double duty this week. We’ve been trading her off and being creative on ways to get around with just 1 car. I hope the Volks gets fixed tomorrow so that we can get back to normal!

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