A few weekend favs…

She’s such a G!
And, this is the necklace I wrote about in the last post….in all its glory. Fancy, huh?

All smiles at Starbucks. Our fav spot! She’s eating her cupcake, just like her mommy would. 🙂

Reading her fortune at P.F. Changs (thanks for the gift card, Jackie!).

Lara’s fortune.. LOL. She better stay with us!!! 🙂

Look at her smirk, LOL. SHe just finished her swim class and we’re going home to get ready for the day. 🙂 She’s also brushing her hair…

Running to attack me! AAARRRGGHHHH!!

Somewhere over the rainbow…at the Skirball Center. Beautiful, huh?

I don’t really have any cousins. My mom has no siblings. My dad’s brother and sister live in Juarez, Chihuahua. I love my Mexico cousins but, I only get to see them every few years. This picture makes me so happy. It is going to be so special to see Lara grow up with her 4 special pals: Julisa, Julia, and Ariana. 🙂

Me and my BFF: Hello Kitty. I LOOOVE everything Sanrio. I am trying (and succeeding!) to impose my tastes on Lara by buying her Sanrio junk whenever we go to the mall. I love it! 🙂

On her way to her 1st swim class of the year. How cute is she? I put this little # together. Stephen thinks she looks like a gymnast. LOL. I know, the black Crocs don’t really “go” with the outfit. But, I am a FIRM believe of, “The man makes the clothes”, NOT, “The clothes make the man”.

I went to Toys R Us today after I woke up, around 1500. When I tell people of my Lara shopping sprees, I usually here something like, “Don’t buy her so many things, you’re going to spoil her!”. Not so. “Spoiling” is something that happens to food that is left out for too long. Spending money on a loved one, no big deal. That’s what $$$’s for, right? To spend? 🙂 Oh, and please don’t mention this post to me when I’m filing for bankruptcy…hehehehehe.

This weekend: Busy!

  • PPD is having a family photo thing that’s going to last all morning.
  • We are doing a walk-thru of some new condos a block from my house because my boss told me to.
  • The ladies at church are throwing their annual breakfast.
  • Ariana’s 11th birthday party. Water fun!
  • Swim class…again.
  • We still have not seen Once and Blockbuster wants it back.
  • Nordy’s private shopping event for us faithful Nordy customers.
  • Iron Man and Made of Honor. I love going to the movies with my man.
  • Trying to teach Lara the ABC (so far, only knows B and L. Important letters.)
  • Need to Swiffer. Bad.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!


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