We had a great weekend. We may not have accomplished everything we wanted but, it was good times all around. On Friday, I took Lara to Kidspace. She had a great time coloring and playing with all the other “boys and girls”. She distinguishes between the two and she looks so cute when she points at herself and says, “Girl?”. LOL. Kidspace was great. The best part was the book fair in their courtyard. I bought her 5 books for $20. Going back tomorrow, for more! You can never have too many:

1. Books
2. Black dresses
3. Chapsticks
4. Stickers

Here goes a picture of her coloring at KS. She is very independent and prefers to play alone. She does not like every new “Baby” she meets. She will smile and wave but, will not hesitate to bat at them (or claw their eyes out) if they go into her comfort zone (i.e. try to take a toy away from her). Definitely takes after me. Unfortunately, that does not change much with age (trust me, I know).

On Saturday, we toured the new condos that were built 1 block from my house. They have a 4 bedroom loft-style condo available for $285,000- 1600 sq ft. I’m not joking. Yes, there is a catch. A family of 3 (that’s us!) must make less than $64,560. We are debating if I should quit my job so that we qualify. It sucks to be part of the middle class: we make too much to be poor but, we are NOT rich (not even close). Anyway, it’s back to the drawing board; I have been sketching ideas for our add-on. First thing on the list: get rid of the multitude of trees on our property- its a jungle out there!

Lara is ready for her own camera. Here goes a glimpse of her photographic genius (Big Bird is such a great model!):

We spent the rest of Saturday morning at the PPD taking a group picture. It was hot. At least 85 dergees and Lara had little beads of sweat forming on her forhead. We left early. Afterwards, we celebrated our niece’s 11th birthday. Happy Birthday, Ariana! Lara tripped over a garden hose and scraped her knee. Live and learn! Here goes another pic of Lara…love that smile!!!

On Sunday, we went over Susie’s house and had a family fun BBQ after church. Good times. Cheaper than going out to eat AND better company. We checked out the Americana at Brand later than night. Capitalism at its peak. We are most excited about:

Kitson, B&N (can’t get enough), and Frida.

We also went to a Nordstrom private shopping event for us customers that spend way more money than we should at that place. We bought my sister-in-law Sandra’s 30th b-day gift. I picked up some underwear (TMI), Kiehl’s face wash, and a black shirt (same old, same old).

Oh, sad news! Out favorite baby store, Babystyle, is closing its Glendale Galleria location! :(We picked up some cute, 20% off stuff).

So, Lara graduated to the “big people” table! She has fantastic table manners and is ready for the challenge! She prays before every meal, wipes her mouth with a napkin, wipes down the table when she spills and hands the plate to me when she’s down. I love her. She still prefers her fingers to flatware but, then again, so do I. 🙂

I went to Target today. I wanted to buy Lara a doll. I looked in the babydoll aisle and I was immediately drawn to the Cabbage Patch section. I love everything about them! They smell so good and are adorable. I was looking for an age appropriate doll– most of them are age 3 and up. Their newborn line had a doll that was 18+. It is called the Cabbage Patch Newborn Drink N Wet. It is hilarious! It comes with a small bottle that I filled with water. Lara gave the doll her bottle (she loves doing that). Immediately after, the doll “peed” all over Lara’s lap! LOL! You should have seen her face! I almost felt bad, as if it was a practical joke or something. I told her to clean up her pee and she began to diligently wipe her bottom and the excess water that was coming out of her mouth. When I told her to change her diaper, Lara looked totally disgusted, said “No”, and started pointing at her own pants and telling me, “agua! no! agua!”. Yes, Lara, I know that your new doll peed on you, it will be ok. LOL.

Also, do you think it’s weird that I bought her the African American Cabbage Patch? I could not find a “Mexican-looking” version (light skin, brown hair?) and she already has a “Caucasian” version (which Lara LOVES. She came with her own carrier!). Would you look twice if Lara walked by you w/ a black baby doll? I will post a picture or them tomorrow…


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