A peek into my week.

This is what the table looks like after our IHOP breakfast. Messy, huh? Please, please try the International Passport Swedish Pancakes. They’re crepes and they’re delicious. Stephen can have French Toast for 3 meals/day. Our local IHOP is open 24 hrs. Yay! My husband. Isn’t he cute? I love him. He loves that sideways glance. He learned it from his modeling days…:)

So, scary, scary story. A few days ago, I got home from Kidspace. Lara finally fell asleep after refusing to sleep all day. It was 1530 and we were both grumpy. I drove around the Rose Bowl a few times and even took a trip to the Arts Center, just to help her fall asleep. She finally knocked out and I headed home. I was lugging her , my purse, and the baby bag. As I open the screen door, I saw this:

WTF?! At first, she (I decided it was a girl) was curled up in a way that made her look like a baby snake. She was chilin’ between the screen door and the wooden door. I panicked. I did the only thing I could think of…I opened the door and let her in. LOL.

I put Lara down on our bed. I must have done it too quickly because she woke up, startled, and started wailing. I ran (read: walked quickly) to my purse to get…my camera! Even in emergency situations I am level-headed enough to think about the future…I can blog about this later! Here goes another candid of Lizzie the Lizard:

That’s Ramona! Both her and the dog stared at her and did NOTHING. I guess they’re not trained in the fine art of Lizard Capture. Suddenly, Lizzie ran behind the computer table. I picked up the phone and called Stephen, he would know what to do! He told me to get the broom and sweep Lizzie out of there! I did. She left. All was well. Lara remained awake and we read books.


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