• $68 for 14 gallons of gas? That is not cool.
  • Why am I sleep when I’m not supposed to be sleepy and not sleepy when I’m supposed to be sleepy?
  • My hair grows too fast.
  • Should I get acrylic nails?
  • I am gaining weight exponentially, you do the math.
  • I am so sad that the Husband likes Coffee Bean more than Starbucks. It has really affected our relationship.
  • Lara is the best. She says, “Te Quiero, Mommy” when I leave.
  • I want to buy a Husky for my Beagle.
  • I love cats more than I love dogs.
  • I love thunderstorms and the rain. Also, I laugh at people that are afraid of thunder.
  • Have a FANTASTIC Memorial Day weekend! Take a moment to pray for our war heroes!



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