• When I ask Lara a question that she does not have an answer for (example: Where is Ramona? Where are your socks? Where is the car?), she says, “I don’t know“. You have to hear her. She says it all sassy, almost like she’s telling me, “Why are you asking me? You know, I don’t know“.
  • Stephen and I love the Sweeney Todd soundtrack. I know the movie was kind of morbid but, we heart musicals. Whenever we are in the complaining mood, we sing to each other, “Times is hard, times is hard!”. Guess who sings that? “Times is hard….
  • Whenever she tries to squeeze in between something or pass in front of someone, she is so polite: Sorry mommy, uh-oh, sorry mommy.
  • She says bye-bye to everything. When we put her in the car and it’s warmer than usual, she exclaims, “Hot, hot!”. As we are driving off and the breeze cools her down, “Bye-bye hot“.
  • Yesterday, after I changed her diaper: Thank you, mommy.
  • This weekend, the 3 of us took a loooooong nap together after Sesame Street Live. When we all woke up, she immediately asked, “Waffle?“. I thought it was a bit strange for a mid-day snack but, I made for her. Afterwards, she asked for a “bath“. Then, it hit me, she thinks it’s morning time! LOL.
  • Our almost hourly ritual. I count: “1-2-3-4-5”, using my fingers to demonstrate. She says, “Again?“. I tell her, “You try it.” “2-3-2-3“, wiggling her fingers around. Almost! 🙂

Sometimes it seems like only Stephen and I understand her language. It is beautiful. We are watching her blossom. Her mind is opening up becoming its own. She trusts us completely and looks towards us for answers and a helping hand. She does not have any guard or defense up; she looks at everyone equally and is willing to smile and wave. I pray that (with God’s help!) we can help her grow and turn into everything she is meant to be. I will be so proud of whatever she will become. She is the future.


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