14 months ago: When I got this book I was still enjoying the luxury that is being a stay-at-home mom. It was free. 🙂 I got it by collecting 3 UPCs from participating cereal boxes and sending a $2 check to Kellogg’s. I also received this book,

which I love. I would read it to Lara before she understood words. She would stare up at me, smile, and focus on her mommy’s face.
3 weeks ago: I was looking through her books and found Daddy’s Lullaby. I almost forgot about it. She cuddled up next to me as I read it to her. It was about 1600 and we were hanging out, waiting for daddy to get home so we could go out for dinner. Here goes a synopsis of the book:
After a long week of work, a father returns home Friday evening to his sleeping family. He lets the cat into the house and the two have some milk before heading upstairs. The youngest family member is awake and the attentive father cuddles and comforts his baby, talking to the infant as he checks in on his sleeping son and his wife. Tiptoeing downstairs, he relaxes in a chair and sings a song (to the tune of “Rock-a-bye Baby”) to his baby, lulling them both to sleep. (“Daddy will love you and sing you to sleep-.”)

As I am reading her the book, she looks a bit worried. She puckers her lips and her eyes get shifty. I get to the part where the daddy in the book sings “Rock-a-baby” to the baby. She looks up at me, with her big brown eyes, and starts sobbing. The book made her sad?!?! I put the book down and comfort her while she sobs and cries out, “Daddy!”. She calmed down pretty quickly and she started playing with her toys.
You’re going to hate me for what I did next…I read the book to her again. I just wanted to see if her reaction was the same. Yup, I get to the lullaby part and she started crying, again. It was so cute. I think she either missed Stephen or the story made her sad. Plus, “Rock-a-bye baby” is a pretty sad song. When Stephen got home, you guessed it, I did it again. Just so he could see! She ran to him, crying, as I sang the song (I skipped the story).
Yesterday: I ask her to bring me a book so I can read to her. She runs to her room and comes back with…the crying book. As I read it to her, she is very involved. She points out the daddy, cat, milk, stairs, baby, boy, mommy, and shoes. We get to the part where the lullaby starts and, before I have a chance to start, she looks up at me and says, “No?”. So, I don’t. But, she asks me to read the book to her again….about 10x! Half way through storytime, I start reading the lullaby to her instead of singing it to her. She didn’t cry. 🙂 So, the moral of the story is:

My singing voice make Lara cry.

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