This is going to be a shopping post. Here go a few things that I have bought lately. I love shopping. Especially, shopping for other people. πŸ˜‰ So therapeutic. Most of these things are for Lara and Stephen.

This is a piggy bank for Lara. She has this new thing where she likes to collect/hoard money. She calls coins, bills, checks, and credit cards “money”. Now, she can stuff her coins in a Hello Kitty with a bird on her tummy.

How cute is this dress? I can imagine myself wearing this as I push Lara’s stroller down Central Park/NY in August. Fun! πŸ™‚
Stephen has been using my PHS gym bag to go to the gym. Umm….I don’t like sharing. So, here goes a cute weekend bag. Please use this instead. Thanks. Lara is over her stroller. She can’t be in it for more than 30 minutes, she gets restless. So, I got her this board that attaches to the stroller so that she can stand up when she gets ants in her pants. She’s going to love it. It will also be handy when we have more kids. πŸ˜‰

I had a CUTE Harajuku girls luggage tag last year. Had. Tenoch ate it. 😦 Here goes the replacement:

This was Stephen’s Father’s Day gift from Lara. He loved it (of course!). Another toy for Lara:
This was Stephen’s Father Day gift from me. Can you tell we love, love, love him?

These were on super sale at The Container Store. The top holds cereal, the bottom holds milk. You’re supposed to freeze them before use so that the milk will stay cold. I bought 2 (1 for me and 1 for one of my favorite people who has a daughter 1 month older than mine…surprise!).

This weekend, we are going to the Museum of Tolerance. I took a course there (job related) a few months ago. One of the perks was that I got 2 free tickets to go to the museum within the year. We are taking advantage of that this weekend. πŸ™‚ Should be very informative.

Also, Lara and I have been making the park rounds this week. We usually stick to Singer Park or Victory Park. Singer has very easy parking and is close by. Victory has a large play area. But, to spice things up, we went to Memorial, Central, Brookside, and Vina Vieja this week. We might try Linda Vista and Allendale tomorrow. We will not be trying Villa or La Pintoresca anytime soon (which is pretty obvious, for any of you familiar with Pasadena).

Have a great Thursday, everyone!


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