Today, I was greeted by a nice surprise at work. I am ordered to stay until 0730. Nice.

It was a pretty draining day today. Lara woke up with a bit of a fever (101 F). When I picked her up from her crib, she felt like she was on fire. She asked to watch TV and, I let her, because she looked kind of sad. We got up and we had cereal. Afterwards, she was abnormally upset during her bath. She was complaining and whimpering. I think the fever was making her uncomfortable. We played for a bit and she ended up taking an early nap, at around noon. She slept for a couple of hours. We took Stephen his lunch (*btw* Today was the 1st day Stephen took his bike to work. Good job, Hot Dog! I didn’t realize it because he left while I was asleep. I looked out of the window to check to see if the mail has arrived when I realized that both of our cars were in the driveway. I panicked for a split second then remembered…he has another mode of transportation!). After Jack in the Box, we dropped off the food, shopped at The Right Start, dropped off a DVD at Blockbuster, and bought some DOTS cupcakes (to celebrate my losing 5 lbs, LOL).

When we got home, she took another nap. The good thing was, she was agreeing to my feeding her soup and drowning her in apple juice. I just didn’t want her to get dehydrated. Oh, and she has a major fear of the thermometer. I don’t know why. And, I’m using it under her pit, don’t think I’m doing the whole rectal thing…spooky. Anywho, at 1730 she was still at 101F so, Stephen and I gave her Tylenol (Yuck) when he got home. Oh, and cold compresses? Forget about it. She was crying bloody murder. She was in brighter spirits during dinner. She ate most of her salmon and her mini-strawberry shortcake cupcake. She’s never too sick for sweets. 🙂

I hope whatever infection she’s fighting gets its butt kicked tonight so that tomorrow she will be in brighter spirits. I can count on 1 hand the amount of times Lara has gotten sick. I’m not used to it and I don’t like it.

On a brighter note, I was able to clean her room up while she was taking her extended naps. I cleaned out all of the toys she has outgrown and the stuffed animals she ignores. Oh, and I bought her this toy:

at The Right Start. I hope she’s in the mood to play with it tomorrow.

I am going to pick up all of our pre-sale stuff from Nordstroms. We spent way, way more than we should have. How much? Lets just say that I need to work 2 overtime days to recoup. It was worth it, though. Good shopping times. Since the sale does not officially start until Friday at 0700, Nordstroms did not have any of the items I bought online (so that I could share with all of you). But, I managed to find this picture of a pair of glasses I bought for 50% off. Yes, I could not believe it either. What a deal!

We also bought Lara this sweater. Hot.


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