Some photos to keep you (and me) busy…

Lara and my mom: Marie Callendar’s Pismo Beach.
Julia: She is such an even, perfect combination of Greg & Susie.
Julie: My mother in law, love her.
Lara: Looks like she’s poopin’. 🙂 Patiently waiting to get seated at Denny’s.

Lara and her Hello Kitty clip: Love it!
So, I finally cleaned out my flash drive. I will upload current photos when I get home tomorrow and will have a fascinating weekend post up by Thursday.
Also, I am officially a real housewife now. I cooked dinner today. That may not sound like a big deal but, trust me, it is. I just hate the kitchen and everything about it. But, eating out is getting old (and expensive. and fattening). So, Lara and I stayed home all day, played, and cooked! It didn’t turn out half bad and I’m amusing myself right now as I scan through Rachael Ray (Am I the only one who thinks she’s annoying?). com and look for tomorrow’s meal. Actually, it might be Thursday’s meal. I’m in desperate need of a Shrimp Cocktail so, we might have to eat out tomorrow. We will see…

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