Cooking w/ Diana.

Sunday was Elias’ Birthday party. Lara had a good time walking around, hitting the pinata and playing with her cousins. Stephen and I enjoyed the homemade horchata…yummie! We had a good time but, in all honesty, we are not fans of birthday parties. I’m not going to speak for Stephen (like I usually do!). I just don’t see the need for an extravaganza to celebrate another year of life. At most of these things, the kids are having fun but, oblivious to the actually party. What I mean is, they could have easily had as much fun playing on the monkey bars in the park. I guess if Lara asks for a party when she is old enough to rationalize, we will agree and throw her one (taking our financial situation at the time into consideration). But, for now? It looks like it’s going to be cake and ice cream at our house, immediate family only, to celebrate Lara’s 2nd year of life!

That means Julia won’t be able to do this on Lara’s birthday:

And this is Lara having a bit of a sad moment at the party. I don’t remember what the problem was but, it’s nothing that couldn’t be fixed by her mommy’s hug. 😉

Lara spent a large portion of the party terrorizing Julia’s room. Here she is coloring in a heart. 😉

When I told Stephen I was going to blog about the following, he asked me to explain something before going into detail. Here goes:

I love pens. And markers, crayons, just about everything that a person can use to write. Chalk, pencils, etc. All these fabulous tools are strewn around the house. I never have to go far to get a writing utensil.

This week I have been a fantastic housewife. Tonight is the 2nd night I cooked. I am beyond proud of myself. I am committing myself to making dinner 3x a week. 🙂 So, tonight while I was making this:

And, this:

Lara was doing this:

With a permanent marker. Lets not forget the computer table, too. And the front door. And the air conditioner.
Oh, and poor, poor Ernie. His back is worse. I didn’t want to take a picture of it because it is just too sad to immortalize on the blog.

It was all my fault. I left her to her own games while I cooked dinner. I would check on her every few minutes and talk to her while I was in the kitchen but, she needs undivided attention. Duh, she’s 21 months. I wasn’t really upset about the damage. I’m probably going to finish what she started and draw a little design on the keyboard. 🙂 The computer table? It was $50 from Ikea, no big deal. The air conditioner? Will be obsolete when we install central air (in a about 5-10 years). The front door? Will be replaced in a few months with a fancy, new one (a $200 one that she CAN NOT write on. Because I will put her on time out for 5 minutes instead of 1 minute).

She felt bad about what she did, she cried about the damage made to Ernie. She apologized (to both of us) and explained everything to Daddy when he got home from work. They sat down and ate dinner without me because I had to go into work early.

And that’s why, ladies and gentlemen, I DO NOT COOK.

Last, but not least, I forgot a very important event. This Tuesday was Julie and Santiago’s 31st wedding anniversary. What an accomplishment. Yes, they always look this happy. They are role models to Stephen and I and make me believe that anything is possible (with God’s help!).

Congrats, guys!


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