These photos are out of order because I’m lazy. Please read captions for explanations. ; )

This is what my gas tank looks like right before I pump a full tank. I drove across Pasadena like this, to get to my favorite gas station. I don’t think the reader works.
This is Lara’s “pink harrt”. With glitter.
This is Lara getting her arm painted for the 1st time. Face painting on the arm is fun!
This is my favorite cowgirl ever. Look…no hands!
This is Lois Lane. She has a very important story to cover and must have a notepad handy at all times.
This is Tenoch the dog. He does not want to get kicked off of the bed so, he pleads with his eyes.

This is Lara enjoying the jumper. Funny, I dislike the jumper. I do not enjoy out of control jumping! Lara takes it all in stride.
This is the kind of smiles that come at a party with a Sesame Street theme.
This is Stephen holding his 2 favorite toddlers at a birthday party last week.
This is Lara having some quality time with her best boy cousin, Elias. Oh, and she likes to eat lemons.
This is the view of the Rose Bowl 4th of July fireworks from out bedroom. Very romantic. Now if only the Post Office wasn’t blocking part of the show…

This is a photo shoot that Stephen had with Lara in out hotel room at the Luxor (notice the slanted ceiling). She is a ham and was loving it. I can’t wait to print this one out and frame it.
This is another fav from the same photo shoot. I heart her hair so much.
This is what happens when I ask Stephen to put sunblock on my back. Good thing he rubbed it in.
This is my mom, hooked on the slots! I was calling her so that we could all go to lunch together. She was willing to skip a meal to win a $1 million jackpot with 5 cents.


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