: )

She amuses herself. 🙂

I was rushing to get her into the car today. As we were walking onto the curb, I noticed a stream of muggy, smelly water running into the sewer. I admonished her not to step into it. She expertly jumped over it, with a huge smile on her face. I must have been trying to be overly expedient as I was putting her into her carseat. I accidentally dropped her “mimi” into the nasty, gutter water.

“Mimi” is the name for any small, mini-sized piece of blanket/cloth/paper that she uses to wrap her stuffed animals in. Before we left the house, I asked her which toy she wanted to take to Nani’s house. She choose her small Ernie wrapped him up in the mimi, which also happens to be the cloth we’re supposed to use to clean our IMac screen.

She couldn’t believe it:

“Mimi! Mimi wet! Mimi a mess!”

I picked it up and, it stunk. I threw it on the sidewalk, by the car, and told myself I would come back for it and throw it in the washing machine (Thankfully, I had a load in the washer on a timer, it would get mixed in with those clothes). Lara was not happy.

She started crying:

“Pick up mimi, Mommy! Pick up!”

“No, Lara, it’s dirty and smelly. I will pick it up when I come back. I will wash it after work, ok? It will smell so good after I wash it!”

“Ok, Mommy, clean mimi, please”

It was one of the 1st times I was able to rationalize with her and talk her down from a tantrum. She asked me about her mimi while we were driving to Nani’s house. I reminded her that I would wash it and give it to her tomorrow. I can’t wait to go home and throw it in the dryer! She will be so excited!!


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