NYC-Part 4

Oh, to be Lara.  Asleep in NYC without a care in the world.  I am so amazed by her when I see her asleep.  So peaceful and comfortable.  She talks in her sleep, calling out to us or talking about things she did the day before.  This is the exact position she sleeps in, every day.  
Across the street from breakfast at Ellen’s Stardust Diner (who, BTW, employs Broadway hopefuls as waiters.  They sang during breakfast.  I felt so sad for them!), is The Late Show!  I am SUCH a David Letterman fan.  I don’t think Jay Leno is funny, at all.  I’m happy he’s off the air next year.  I’m sad that DL is so underrated…he is GENIUS!
I asked Steve, “Is there a photo of us in the subway yet?”.  No.  Here goes, then:
The Statue: Rear view.
I wasn’t too into the Statue of Liberty.  Compared to the buildings in NYC, she’s not that big.  The ferry ride over there was kind of claustrophobic.  The worst part, 175 steps to get to her base.  175!!
I was standing in line for the elevator when Stephen informed me that elevators were for handicapped people and old people.  I was neither so, I had to climb the steps.  He was carrying Lara (she was taking a nap) so, I figured I could hang.  Nope, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack halfway up.  The only reason that I didn’t stop is that there was a cop behind me.  He was leading about 25 elementary age kids that were there on some sort of NYCPD sponsored outing.  I turned to look at him and said, “I can move over so the kids can pass”.  He answered, “Don’t worry ma’am, I will hold the kids back”.  For how long?  30 minutes so I can regain my strength?!  I pushed forward so that my pride could remain intact.  Steve was waiting for me at the top of the stairs, all LOL.  I was so tired that I decided we would skip Ellis Island and head straight back to Manhattan.  What a party pooper!!  
We were downtown again.  We had some pizza.  Checked out Wall Street (SOOOO cool!) and passed by this memorial on our walk north.  So thought provoking…

We were very amused by the parking situation in NYC.  LOL.
So, we walked for about 5.5 miles from the southernmost tip of Manhattan to midtown, where our hotel was.  It was awesome.  We got to walk amongst the artsy families in Greenwich.  We re-visited SOHO and hit C.O. Bigelow, an awesome pharmacy that carries EVERYTHING you could imagine (beauty products, that is).  
We also walked past a movie set.  OMG, I know.  So different from L.A. movie sets.  We pretty much walked right through it, in between takes.  We got to take a bunch of photos.  This is the movie that was being shot.
Guess who was in it??  Andy Garcia!  What a great shot, huh?  Stephen is such a paparazzi!!  It was so exciting to see a celeb!  It is supposed to be more likely to see celebrities in NYC than LA because they’re not harassed as much there.  A mindless piece of info for all of you.
A whole bunch of cops doing who knows what. 

A fire station.  Can you tell we’re into civil servants?

Lara & I, in front of the Flatiron Building.  Which was beautiful.  And, it is halfway to our hotel.  Almost there!!
Stephen and the Empire State building back there, facing the Flatiron.
A very, very cool-looking building.
In the midst of the chaos.  Times Square!!

They were filming something a few blocks from our hotel, by the Rockefeller Center.  We love this stuff!

One of our goals was to avoid eating at places that are readily available in LA.  What’s the point, right?  Well, except for Starbucks, which we had every day.  And, Dean & Deluca did not come close to the coffee goodness that is SB, sorry.  Oh, and Lara had an emergency Cheeseburger at McDonalds after we were visiting Wall Street.  She wasn’t into the pizza Stephen and I devoured.  When we were searching for dinner options, we walked by Ruth’s Chris.  We knew we were not going to be disappointed so, we walked right in. ;O)  This seems to be our vacation eating spot.
Lara & Steve, clowning around.
OMG… these photos are out of order!  I’m way too lazy to fix it, sorry!  Before dinner, we went into the Toys R Us in Times Sq.  This is a pic of us on their gigantic ferris wheel they have inside.  Lara loved it.  “Fun!”, she squeals.  We bought her an Elmo watch there. 🙂
I think this is her standing in line for the ferris wheel.

So, there’s 1 more day left, we leave tomorrow!  Our NYC adventure is almost over.  It seems like months ago but, it was only a few weeks ago!  Crazy!


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