I’m 27 and 8 days!

I’m back!

I was off of work last weekend because it was my B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y! Yay! 27 yrs young. 🙂

I tried to blog from home so that I wouldn’t be so backed up (you’re right Lorena, sorry!!). I have a long birthday re-cap to take care of. Unfortunately, the MAC does not work well with the Blogger. The photos are hard to format (unless I use HTML, and that makes my head hurt).

Also, I want to let everyone know that the pics I am about to post were not chosen by me. I asked Stephen to go through the weekend pics and upload his favs to the memory stick while I got ready for work. Also, my birthday was a 2-3 day affair so, I will be doing a 2-parter.
Lets start with my favorite part: The gifts!

Stephen bought be a beautiful bracelet that matches perfectly with my wedding band/ring. He also bought me a beautiful beige jacket. I returned the jeans he bought me because they were extremely unflattering. Extremely. I have been pondering using the jean $$ plus some money that Stephen’s grandpa gave me to buy myself the Kindle. Such a serious purchase requires lots and lots of planning. I might wait until October. It’s almost as serious as buying a new car!

My BFF Jackie (who was also my maid of honor. OMG, in 12 days I will have been married for 4 awesome years!), bought me a beautiful grey dress, matching accessories (earrings & necklace), a SB gift card, movie passes, and a FANTASTIC black purse. This purse is huge and is perfect for school.

(Oh, yeah, I’m back in school! I am taking an English Lit class I should have taken YEARS ago and kept putting off. And, I should not have hesitated because I LOVE IT! We are reading Beowulf right now and I’m captivated. I want to stop blogging right now so that I can read more Beowulf. I wish I would have taken more than 1 class…)

Anyway, I loved my jam-packed Jackie gift.

Last (but NOT least) is Kailene’s gift. She has such good taste, I knew something good was in the works. I didn’t know it was going to be this good!! I love me some Bloomies!

Stephen took my birthday off and said we could do whatever I wanted. YAY! I choose to start the morning off at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, where Lara takes swim classes twice a week. Afterwards, we stopped by a Mexican restaurant in LA called, “La Huasteca”. Then, we headed out to The Aquarium of the Pacific! We loved it. We came back home and stopped by Dots. Stephen ordered us a bunch of Red Velvets, half of which we dropped off with the in-laws (because Sunday was Grandparent’s Day…yay!). Afterwards, we went to the PCC bookstore to buy my textbook. We finished off the night at Cafe Bizou (delicious! I will have to post pictures of that tomorrow…). I wish I could go into detail but, seriously, I have to read me some Beowulf now.

Thanks to all of those who took the time to text, comment, and call. Love you guys! 🙂

Making our way to the Aquatic Center:

“Doggy, Kitty, Kick, Kick, Kick!”

“1,2,3 JUMP!”

What’s the perfect thing to order for a birthday lunch???

Meatballs that are so spicy, I could only eat 3. And they burned my tongue off. And I went through 4 horchata refills. And Stephen laughed at me.

Looking into the sea.

She was entranced. It may have to do with her new fav movie, “Finding Nemo”.

They touched a baby shark and a sting ray! Too bad I was too scared to try it. I mean, I don’t want to lose another finger!!!

The real Nemo!!


Next up….the San Diego Zoo and the Gaslamp District!


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