My B-Day, part dos.

I love my co-workers!

I was off for my birthday so, they are celebrating me today (my week long birthday!). They’re great! I’m truly blessed to work with such a great group of sweet, intelligent and fun girls. Group hug!

As I enjoy my egg drop soup and orange chicken from Fortune’s, I will continue my birthday recap.

Here go a few pics of our Cafe Bizou birthday dinner. Lara got free ice cream because she is adorable. Honestly, she really has such a spark that we get hooked up a lot because of her. Keep it coming!

Here I am, forcing her to hug me. She’s already embarrassed by her mommy! Oh no.

Potato Leek Soup. OMG. Fantastic. It used to be my fav soup ever when they had it at CPK. They discontinued it about 5 years ago and I was SO upset! It’s back (and, it’s better).

Stephen’s Blackened Salmon. Yummie. The pic of my shrimp & scallop pasta was blurry. My bad. We forgot to take the “good camera” to dinner. The next morning, we were supposed to start our day early. We didn’t. Lucky for us, we didn’t mind getting a slow start. By the time we left Starbucks and drove down to San Diego, it was 2pm. We got to the San Diego Zoo at 4pm and had only 2 hours until the park closed. And, you know what? That was just enough time! I don’t think we could have spent a whole day there, we have short attention spans. I bought some VIP tickets online so we were able to get a bus tour of the whole Zoo. We also took the skyline across. We saw the Children’s Museum and walked across the zoo, stopping by the Panda, Polar Bears, and Orangutans. Good times!!!
Walking in the parking lot…

Lara was marked with a very cool “bus” stamp.

In the photo booth, waiting for our pics to print out.

At the Children’s Zoo. Still amused by the simplest things…

Knock, knock… (at the pigeon house).
Taking the Skyline. Wow! We could see Balboa Park from there. Pretty. I could have ridden this all day (to avoid walking).
Bye, Bye, Zoo.
Trying on a mask at the gift shop. We bought the CUTEST things! Lara got a tshirt and panda purse. I got Panda paperclip thingies. πŸ™‚

We went to the mall (of course!) after that. I bought some clothes from Nordy’s. πŸ˜‰

Afterwards, we hit the Gaslamp District. We picked out a Mexican restaurant across the street from our real destination (Ghirardelli’s). Lara must have been hungry (which makes her very, very mad) because she cried hysterically for about 5-10 minutes. We finally calmed her down using our tag time technique:

talk to her, don’t talk to her, offer her tortilla chips, let her eat salsa, wash the salsa down with water, let her pull my hair, ask her about Sesame Street

We must have looked a mess. LOL. This is one of my distraction methods, point at…nothing.

Ghirardelli’s! Yay!
A beautiful ending to a perfect, perfect birthday weekend! But…that’s not all!
The next day (Saturday), we had a whole day ahead of us before I had to go to work. So, we went to the mall (and bought more stuff for myself. Wow, I’m brattier that I thought). Lara had her obligatory trip on the carousel.

We were driving home and noticed that Lara fell asleep. This looks like it’s time for:

A Couple Pedi!!!

Stephen got his 1st pedi! Yay! I got my 1st pedi in 3 months (I should be embarrassed but, I’m not). This may be a tradition for us. Lari was a perfect angel and stayed asleep for the whole hour we were there! Wow, if I didn’t love her before, I love her now. πŸ™‚

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks to everyone who made my birthday weekend so special. I thank God for the blessings he has given me…my dear, dear family and friends!


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