Happy 2nd Birthday, Julia! : )

Julia’s second birthday was last Sunday. 🙂 Fun! Lara had a good time. Here goes the day, in pics:

This is Rosana’s baby boy Isaiah. He turns 1 in a couple of months. How time flies!
My mom, feeding Lara her 2 favorite foods (noodles and tomatoes).

Yummie, Yummie, Sandy Bear.

Elmo cake!
Julisa- helping Lara win musical chairs.
Hi mommy!
Lara, don’t fuss! Let the birthday girl hit the pinata!
The Birthday Girl- Julia.

Jackie helping Lara w/ the concept of: use this stick to hit that thing. Candy will come out.

Her 1st candy! OMG! She loved it (of course).
She stuffed her pockets w/ candy! Hilarious! My fav pic of the day.
Roxie & Lari.

Yup, that’s me. Rosana is a gr8 photographer!

The Castros.
The Castros #2.
One of the most beautiful baby boys I have ever met, Sebastian (with mommy Liz).
Lara agrees, “I want to hug the handsome baby boy, mommy”. She didn’t really say that, I don’t know why I put it in quotes.

As you can see, September is celebration month. Susie’s birthday was Sat (post to follow). Our 4 year wedding anniversary is on the 24th. Party month!


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