I love Ikea so much.

The value does not compare to furniture you can get somewhere else. The only thing we were not able to purchase there was our sofa (we were too picky). Styles have changed a lot since then and I can definitely see myself getting an Ikea sofa now. Oh, and our bed and a few other small pieces of furniture are from Pottery Barn. That’s only because Stephen was working there when we were saving up to get married (20% off!).

I’ve had a few people comment on the durability and longevity of Ikea’s furniture. Well, you get what you pay for. I don’t forsee us having the same coffee table for 20 years. Good thing because an Ikea coffee table will not last 20 years. And, why should it? It only cost $100. We have had our coffee table for about 4 years and I’m ready for a new look.

Our main shopping this weekend was directed towards flooring. When we moved into our house, our bedroom was carpeted. Stephen made a few comments towards the germified quality that carpets have. Vacuuming does not really clean a carpet. Dust mites are living and growing in there long after a vacuum has passed through. Unfortunately, I did not listen to Stephen’s warning. I come from a home where every room was carpeted (I lived in the same apartment my whole childhood). I was so hooked on carpet, I carpeted Lara’s room before she was born (the room was not in use before then).

Well, carpet upkeep has been almost impossible. With the pets adding their dander, I am repulsed when my bare feet touch our floor. Time to explore new flooring.

We settled on a pale oak laminated flooring from Home Depot. The price would have been about $800 for both rooms. We didn’t mind the price because we were expecting it to be in that range. On a whim, we decide to drop by Ikea and check out their flooring options. Not only were we able to see the floor in an actual room (I love the Ikea floor models!) but, the price was drastically, drastically low. Almost impossible.

$300. For both rooms.
We could have opted for real wood ($500 for both rooms!) but, I don’t think we are capable of being responsible wood floor owners. That’s a lot of responsibility.
On a completely different topic, I had my 1st hot Starbucks drink of the season. I was working OT and it was too cold for the iced versionat 0530. I feel so cozy right now!
School is going great, thanks for asking! The best part of my being is school is the disease I suffer from flares up. It’s called, Procrastination. I will do anything to avoid doing homework. Within the last week, I have re-arranged the living room, blogged about once a day, and even signed up for OT. Good thing I work best under pressure.
Have a great week everyone and, see you all tomorrow!


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