My mind is never, ever at rest. I am always thinking about something or planning something.

And, it’s not like I’m a genius or anything. It’s not like Albert Einstein, who was constantly problem solving and thinking up theories. Stuff like that.

Nope, I’m more like Dustin Hoffman on Rainman. Borderline OCD.

There is hardly ever a moment that my mind is nice and clear. At work, even when the radio is busy and there is constant traffic, I am still making lists and planning a week’s worth of events.

Along with the flurry in my brain, I am addicted to making lists. Long ones. I already have my Christmas list written out (and, yes, you’re on it!).

Today’s evening list was a long one. After Lara and I watched “Finding Nemo” (for the 20th time. She has lines memorized. And, she will cut me if I don’t play it for her, on command. I am a bad, bad mother). While we were watching it, I was re-reading Beowulf getting some ideas for my paper that’s due on Wednesday.

I was also thinking about my plans. After Nemo, I was going to:

  • Give Lara a bath.
  • Feed her dinner. Probably Chicken and corn on the cob.
  • Take her to MIL’s house (Stephen has his 1st day of school today. Yay!).
  • Come back home and swiffer (doesn’t it feel like I’m always doing that?!).
  • Take measurements of portions of the house- buying some furniture tomorrow.
  • Wash a load of dishes.
  • Put on uniform, pack a lunch (leftover Mac&Cheese squared from The Yardhouse), and make a quick stop at Starbucks.
  • Arrive at work. Yay!

Well, after the bath, I got a call from my mom:

(In Spanish, of course) “Diana, my chest and back hurt. I can barely breathe. What should I do?”

Uh, get your ass to the hospital!!!

So, I took my Lara, unfed, to my MIL’s house and took my mom to the hospital. My dad was just getting off of work and met us at HMH. My brother said that he was “too far” to go (he works in Alhambra) and very busy. WTF!!??

I got to work 45 minutes late.

My mom’s ok, her pain drastically subsided while she was there. She may have gallstones, they’re probably giving her an ultrasound as I type this.

So much for plans!


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