Happy Anniversary!

Before I start up on our anniversary recap, I want to send out a little message to the husband:


4 years ago, I made the easiest decision I have ever made, I agreed to marry you. On our wedding day, I was not nervous and there was no doubt in my mind that I was making the perfect choice. From early on in our relationship, even before we were engaged, I knew that you were someone that I wanted to have around me- all the time. The only thing that comes to mind when I look back on the last 4 years is, Wow… you must love me just as much as I love you. I am one of the most annoying people I know and it must be interesting having me as a spouse. Thank you for giving all that you do to make our union so successful. I pray that God blesses us with many, many more years!

We opened out gifts for each other the night before our anniv. Why? Because I am impatient and I love to ruin surprises. On our anniversaries, we exchange gifts based on the traditional and modern gift lists:

Traditional Gifts: Fruit or Flowers Modern Gifts: Appliances

Stephen claims that some of the lists also state that linen is an acceptable traditional gift.

Look at how nice Stephen wraps my gifts. He has always done that.

In the middle of the gift giving ceremony, playing with Zoey. She kept asking, “Happy Birthday? Happy Birthday Lari?”
And, this is the way I wrap gifts. I should be embarrassed.

My gifts to him: A flower bundt cake mold and fruit cookie cutters. The gifts that keep on giving!
His appliance? KitchenAid mixer!!! This is his dream come true. This was the only thing stopping him from being a master baker.
And, now, my gifts. 😉 He bought me a pot of beautiful Geraniums. Apparently, that’s the official flower of the 4 year anniversary. Good to know.
My appliance is a beautiful, pink flat iron! Yay! My hair is already straight but, this should help with the sleek look that can not be accomplished by simply sticking my head out of the car window in the morning.
Stephen also got me this jazzy tote made out of linen. When I unwrapped it, I thought it was a CD holder. Cool gift. But when I unzipped it and saw the magic that was inside, I cried from happiness, a little.
I had one last gift to open, which confused me a little bit. I opened it and it was an ice cream maker attachment for the mixer I just bought him. He was so confident that I was going to get it for him, he accessorized it before I gave it to him. You should have seen the smug look on his face.
Stephen made my week by taking the day off from work. He spent the morning making us breakfast and entertaining Lara while I wrote my paper. After school, we took Lara to Julia’s house where Greg was going to babysit.
This is a pic of the drive though the mountains to get to PCH from the 101. Beautiful scenic route.

Pepperdine University— I can’t believe how perfectly manicured their lawn is.

What to order???
One of our favorite special day restaurants.
For Stephen. He deserved it after the long, stressful drive. A 40 minute trip took 1.5 hours, thanks to a traffic collision. We were 1 hour late to our reservation!
The view from the restaurant.
We wrapped up the night with a nice surprise: Tickets to see 9 to 5: The Musical! It was FANTASTIC!
It was a perfect day. 🙂

***Next year, the gifts for our 5th anniversary are going to be wood and silverware. And, yes, I just finished planning what I am going to get him. ;)***


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