That’s my little Lari Bear, exactly 1 year ago. How cute is her pixie cut? It makes me want to cut her hair! The only reason I resist is that I could explode from cuteness overload whenever she is wearing a ponytail and is running around town with it.

So, the Parra family (that would be us) had a shoe binge last week. We each got a new pair of shoes. Actually, Lara got 2 pairs, if you can believe it.

I ordered my pair from Anthropologie. I LOVE this store. It is extremely pricey so, I only browse the Internet sale bin. That is where I found these beauties. Seychelle is MY MOST FAVORITE shoe brand of ALL time. I love them. Walking correctly in them is another story.

Stephen bought the 1st Lara shoe. He took her to the mall last week while I was asleep. When I woke up, I called them to find out where they were. “At the mall. Lara needs shoes. How do I pay?” An hour later, they come home with a pair of Converse. The shoe lace holes are multi colored. And, they were on super sale for $20. Good job, Stephen. Good job. [The skirt is courtesy of Sandra & kids]

I take the blame for her second pair. Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile may be familiar with my love affair with Lara and her Uggs. Thankfully, she still fits into the walker-sized Uggs, instead of the toddler-sized Uggs. That’s a $30 difference! Actually, scratch that. I don’t like the toddler sized Uggs so, sadly, this will be her last pair. We drove all the way to the Westside Pavilion (which, by the way, is a great mall) for them. Definitely worth the drive.

Stephen was part of the shoe frenzy! Yes, I am just as surprised as you are. Since Stephen is not with me during my weekday shopping sprees, he usually gets stuck with items I choose for him. He needed new work shoes and picked them out himself. He had his eye on these Clark’s for awhile now. Congratulations to him for finally getting them!
Thanks for sticking with me through this blog post about nothing. Your reward is a couple pics of Lara. Yes, as you can tell, she walks in heels a lot better than I do. And, yes, those are little airplanes on her jammies.


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