Day One

Does anyone remember that weird, high school thing? The one where you thought you were SO original. No one else dressed like you, you had the best style. You would not be caught DEAD wearing a shirt that someone else wore. And, if you saw someone else wearing your shirt? Ha, ha, YOU wore it first. They copied YOU and now YOU are the Queen of high school.

OMG, I was the only one, wasn’t I? It got pretty ridiculous to the point of fake crying so that my mom would buy me a new pair of shoes. If Lara pulls that s***, I have no problems with throwing ALL HER CLOTHES AWAY.

Eventually, I wised up. First of all, how original could I possibly be? I mean, I was getting my clothes at the MALL. Where each store carried at least 5 of each item. That meant there were 4 other people walking around with my shirt. I also realized that the following phrase is VERY true:

The clothes DO NOT make the man, the MAN makes the clothes.

I started to look around and completely changed my perception of what fashion really was. If you, too, want to know, click here and read the most fantastic fashion blog that I check out daily.

I have even gotten to the point where “copying” someone is no longer an issue. It is not really copying when you make something your own.

Which brings me to the point of this post.

One year ago today, I copied my dear high school friend, geefunk. I read her blog and it blew me away. It got me thinking and pushed me into the blogging world. Thanks, Gaby, for inspiring me.

Happy Blogaversary to me!!!

*This is also the beginning of my month long commitment to daily blogging. Wish me luck!*


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