It’s going to be a photo post. Because I’m afraid that if I try to post something long, meaningful, and thought provoking, I will fail. And, I can’t fail after only 5 days of blogging. That would be ridiculous. Even for me. A girl that had to BEG my high school teachers to give me Ds so that I could graduate from HS. Let’s just say I have a problem with deadlines.

Also, I’m a bit taken aback by sore losers. The booing during McCain’s concession speech? Unnecessary and childish. Let’s grow up, people! You can’t win ’em all! Some of these Republicans seriously think it’s the end of the world as we know it with Obama in charge.
All I know is, I voted for him and I am beyond myself with excitement.
And the photos I promised?
Hi there, Julia!

Wow, I’m pale. And, I swear I’m not wearing any face makeup, I really look that ghostly. Time for some blush.
It seems like every pic they take together is ADORABLE.
It was 40% off so, I’m going to keep it. But, really? Can I stop buying stuff? It’s sick, you know. I could have spent that money to knock down another tree on our property or something semi-productive. Please tell me you like it when you see me using it. : )
Because this S*** is BANANAS! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!


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