Wow, I flipped out this morning when I thought I hadn’t blogged last night. Fortunately, a post I typed and saved from my Google home page posted! It posted without pics but, I added them this morning.

Lesson learned: Blog during Lara’s nap! And, finish it!

This morning, after storytime, I had to do something I hate. I had to go back to the hairdresser’s and complain. Lara’s haircut looked a HOT mess after it air-dried last night. The back was longer than the front and we specifically asked for a same length bob. Fortunately, they were very kind and a BETTER stylist fixed it.

Now, a manners question. Was I supposed to tip him? I originally tipped her $5 for my bang trim and Lara’s kid cut. I’m not sure how much Stephen tipped. I ended up tipping Jeff (today’s stylist) $3. What do you guys think?

Oh, I forgot to mention something yesterday! While we were waiting for Stephen, Susie and Julia walked in! They coincidentally had their appointment that day, also. And, that is why they are in the following photos:

Looks like someone got jacked for their wipie.
Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Whose the jazziest of them all??
Julia, giving Lara a wipie bath.
My beautiful Lara. And, those are the hands of a girl that does not know how to cut hair.
Julia’s new ‘do!
Someone got a cookie after being a VERY good girl.:)

Hey! I was so pleased with the laptop and all it offers. But, now I realized something. I wish it had a scanner, too. 😦 Does anyone make something like that? Dell? Apple?

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