Some of you noticed (and commented on) the price I paid for my laptop cover. Now, now, don’t be absurd. I would not pay $120 for a Stella McCartney for LeSportSac FANTASTIC laptop cover. It was 75% off! And, if you really must know, the total was about $42 (with shipping and tax). I thought I would clear that up. 🙂

Anywho, here I am, trying to commit to this 30 days of blogging thingy. I’ve hit a blogger’s block. Usually, I get inspired before I started typing. Lately, I’ve been blogging just to blog. All I can say is, I commend all of you who have something insightful to say every day. I do not. I become repetitive and boring after a few days. Tonight is date night so, I should have a semi-interesting post tomorrow.

I guess I could just talk about how adorable Lara is. Most of you know that she christened herself Baby Bear. She also named me Mama Bear and Stephen, Papa Bear. Last night, she changed her name. In the middle of nowhere she advised us, “I am Curly Bear, OK? You are Curly Bear’s Mommy and you are Curly Bear’s Daddy”. Whatever you say, missy.

Oh, I know what I’m going to blog about! We got identity thieved! OMG! I logged into our checking account (out of habit, not because there’s anything going on in there) and noticed a Stater Brothers charge for $100 pending to post. Now, I have never been there and don’t even know where they have those kinds of stores. I called Stephen, just in case he took his other wife shopping there (kidding, kidding). “Of course not!”, he exclaimed. His other wife shops at Whole Foods. I called the fraud team at my credit union. Amazingly enough, the suspicious activity was on my hubby’s card, not mine. Someone got a hold of his check card number and had been punching it around town. They made a $3 purchase at something called Red DVD. They also tried to use it at Jon’s (another grocery store, I assume) for about $250. That’s when their luck ended. We did not have $250 in there. So, the credit union cancelled the card and contacted us. The funny part is, Stephen rarely uses his check card. I, on the other hand, use it about 50 times I day. I punch my check card number into every website that asks for it. Hell, I go as far as writing my number on the bathroom wall at work. I’m just glad our tithe check didn’t bounce. That would have been a terrible thing to have to explain to our Pastor.

So, he will be getting a new card and our $103 will be given back to us.

Exciting story, huh?

So, for all of you identity thieves out there. Next time, pick a card holder that has over $300 in their checking account. Good luck stealing identities, you freak!!


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