Christmas Shopping Tip #1

Nothing says thoughtful and sweet more than a personalized gift. I love giving them (and receiving them, too! I’m not gonna lie.). It lets the receiver know that this was not a spur of the moment, last minute impulse purchase. You took the time to get the gift personalized. It doesn’t have to be the whole name, either. An initial is just as cute. There’s also a very old school hint of class attached to giving a gift that is monogrammed. Here go a few ideas:
A set of personalized notecards:

These are only $15, here.

Cute, cute, wanna-be Robeez:

These are only $39, here.

A twin-sized blankie:

Only $69, here.

Perfect for wall decoration:

Only $8, here.

Some kicks:

Starting at $95, here.

Because everyone has an Ipod (and, should protect it):

Only $15, here.

And, because I’m a nerd:

Only $6, here.

Now, go out there and shop ’till you drop (like I did on Black Friday: 0500-0700, nap, 0900-noon, lunch, nap, work).


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