Christmas Photo Session

We got to see our pics from the photo session we had with Bryan last Sunday. OMG, loved them! Especially, those showcasing Lara’s sass. It was tough to narrow it down but, we choose the pic we will be sending out with our Christmas cards (Next Week. For all those people sitting by the mailbox and constantly calling USPS to make sure their mail was not stolen, sorry for the delay). We are also going to buy some to hang up on our wall and our parents’ walls. Besides a photo session we had at The Picture People when Lara was about 8 months old, we have never taken a professional family portrait. My favorite thing about the pics that Bryan took is that they’re candid. It’s nice to have beautifully taken pic depicting the everyday joy that makes life with Lara so sweet. Once you see these two pics, you’ll know what I mean.

Looking at the pics made me realize that I’m not as photo-happy as I used to be. A few months ago, my camera never left my purse and I was ready for a snapshot at a moment’s notice. Something happened and now my camera is rotting away in my jammie drawer. Time to get it out and capture life! I could have really used it this morning. Lara and I went to breakfast at The Peach Cafe (Yummo!) with Gaby and Andy. We had a great time with them (as always). We don’t have any pics with Andy and it would have been the perfect occasion. I could have snapped a pic of Lara singing “Tomorrow” to him. Next time, next time!
I have my final paper due Friday. It’s supposed to be in my Professor’s bin by 4pm. I just can’t start working on it, though. I’m so uninspired. So, I’m going to wait until Friday at 6am when my trainee leaves. Then, I will write until I can’t write no more. I need at least a C in this dumb class or else the City of Pasadena won’t pay for it. They sure are picky. I don’t see why they couldn’t pay for an F. They shouldn’t care how well I perform! Yes, this is me rambling. Whatever it takes to get out of doing my homework (and/or cleaning out the kitty litter).
Speaking of kitty litter, I have not changed the litter in more than a year. Don’t call the Humane Society, animal lovers. What I meant is, Stephen usually changes the litter because of a little thing called Toxoplasmosis. It’s a scary litter disease that only affects pregnant women (and their baking babies). And, because every time Stephen suggests I should change it, I remind him that I could be pregnant and being anywhere near the litter is like chain smoking or take a shot of tequila after dinner– while pregnant. I bet you the day after I start menopause, he’s going to pour the kitty litter on my head and do a little victory dance around me.
And, with that visual, good-bye.

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