One of those days…

Yesterday was one of those days. It was long and filled with many, many adventures. Here goes. And, don’t get bored because it’s pretty interesting. The day ended in a BIG way.

We woke up pretty early and Lara was in the BEST of moods. I love it when she wakes up as if she hasn’t been asleep for 10 hours. Almost like she’s continuing our last conversation. As long as we are around her and keep her engaged, she’s as happy as a clam. We talked about how our day was going to play out all morning and she seemed just as excited as I was. It was pretty wet so we were bundled up with our galoshes.

First stop, Starbucks. Of course. Not only did I need my daily Venti White Mocha but, I’ve been wanting to drop off our gifts to our 7 favorite Baristas at our local Starbucks. We go there 1-2 times a day and they all know our drinks. They also make sure to make a big fuss over how gorgeous Lara is every time we go. I love it. This is what we go them:

They’re individually gift wrap in boxes, SO cute. We want to give them to the manager instead of just leaving them with anyone. Of course, he wasn’t there, again. Next time I go, I’m going to ask for his schedule. I did get to see one of my dear co-workers there, Kailene. Yay! I believe she’s the only other person I know that is HOOKED on SB.

After our daily dose, we headed towards Paseo Colorado. I stopped by Tommy Bahamas and bought Ale something for her Brother-in-Law. I was her personal shopper! It was funny buying something that I didn’t have to pay for.

I rushed to the movie theatres to meet with my parents. My Mom, Lara and I got tickets for: Yes Man. I enjoyed it. šŸ™‚ It was so silly and feel good that you left the theatre all silly and feeling good. Lara sat through the whole thing, eating her cookies and commenting on what was going on. LOL.

“Mama Bear, look- a little girl!”
“Mama Bear, awwww he’s crying.”
“Mama Bear, that’s not funny! No laughing!”

Where was my Dad, you ask? Well, he didn’t want to see a funny one. He wanted to watch a suspenseful movie. I looked for one that was close to our start time, 1100. Seven Pounds. I thought it was prefect for him. WRONG. With 10 minutes left in his movie, I snuck in to let him know we would be waiting outside. You know what my Dad was doing? Sleeping. I poked at his ribs, hoping his jolt out of the cat nap wouldn’t give him a heart attack. He opened his eyes and said, “This movie sucks”, then followed me out of the theatre. Yes, I paid $8 for my Dad’s beauty sleep. At least his ticket was Senior Citizen priced.

We all left the theatre and met at my mom’s. They were kind enough to watch her while I cut my hair.

I was 15 minutes late. I made it all better by giving my hairdresser her Christmas gift:

She didn’t open it but, by the sounds of it, she’s going to love it. She was telling me how much she loves to be a thoughtful gift giver. I almost asked her to go shopping with me. I really wish she’d opened it in front of me, I LOVE seeing their face when they open a gift from me. Yay!

My hair, you ask? It came out alright. She confused the word layers for the word texture. I HATE layers. So. Much. My bangs are cute, though. : )

Oh well. I go back in 2 weeks to dye it. I think I’ll ask her for a blunt cut. Or, I will grow into this look and love it in a few days. Who knows.

I went back to my mom’s and made it a lazy afternoon. We watched Cinderella. We played babies. My dad and I played Chinese Checkers. The sad part? At age 27, I still can’t beat him. When am I going to be smarter than my Dad?!? I guess I should be glad he still has his wits. Lara fell asleep in my arms and I spent about an hour staring at her. I love how angelic she looks while she’s sleeping. Her rosy cheeks, long lashes, and milky breathe. *Sigh*

Stephen rushed in after work, at 545, to pick her up. He rushed out and headed to his haircut appointment. Good Bye, Husband.

I headed back home. I got a chance to tidy up a bit before my friends got there for our gift exchange and dinner. By the time we were all there, it was 7pm. We were so excited and gossipy that it took a while to get settled down and do our gift swap. It’s only 4 of us so, it didn’t take that long.

Here goes a portion of the gift I got Jackie:

Here goes a portion of the gift Rosana got me:

(Which I will be exchanging for, Breaking Dawn)

After we cleaned up our gift mess, we headed to the Americana @ Brand for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. There was a 2 hour wait for a table. Thankfully, Susie had the smarts to steer us towards the tables at the bar. We were seated and fed in no time. I enjoyed a few drinks and felt so relaxed and mellow. I haven’t had a drink in months. OMG. I was so mellow that I had the nerve to send back my plate of pasta that was yuck-o. Don’t judge me. After 1.5 hour dinner and heart to heart, we did a little bit of shopping. I did a quick Urban Outfitters purchase. We stopped by to check out what the new Kitson had to offer. It didn’t really blow me away. All I could think about was “Britney Spears shops here” while I walked through it. She ruined that store for me. It went from bad to worse when we walked into Forever 21.

Now, before you call me a snob, let me explain. There’s nothing wrong with shopping for deals. I get it, Forever 21 is cheaply priced. But, I swear I can get that kind of deal at H&M. Or, find an on sale item at J.Crew or Nordstroms. I think I would rather be an Old Navy shopper that a Forever 21 lover. That’s just me.

I got home around 11pm. What a great night! I open the door to find Stephen and Lara asleep on the sofa while Friends played on TV. My heart nearly exploded. I went into our bedroom to get the bed ready for them. The bed had a bare, sheetless mattress on it. With a big wet spot in the middle.


What happened to our mattress?

The dog peed AND pooped on it.

So, I got Lara’s crib ready and Stephen swaddled her in there. Stephen and I? We cuddled up on the couch while the dog whimpered and whined from the crate he hasn’t been in for about 6 months.

As I sit her working an overtime shift, the dog is still in his crate. The mattress is airing out (or, should we just throw it away and buy a Tempurpedic? Not if our dog is going to poop on it!).

And, that was my Monday before Christmas.


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